Non Decorum Est

Apparently, the issue of a “dress code” or “decorous clothing” seems to have gone bye-bye in, of all places, Britishland (and to be specific, in Parliament).  Witness this outfit chosen by a Labour MP (of course) to deliver a speech in the House of Commons:

Needless to say, the response from the BritPublic was not complimentary, prompting this classless Trot to respond in kind:

I know, I know, dear Tracy;  perhaps you weren’t any of those things — it just looked  like you were all  of them.  Of course, you were an actress once, which pretty much explains everything.

And just so we’re all clear on the implications of this:  had Boris Johnson not won the last General Election, this harridan would now be a member of the Prime Minister’s Cabinet.


  1. I don’t know anything about this gargoyle but as a Texan – even a transplant – I’m sure that you’re familiar with the phrase “rode hard and put up wet.”

  2. Like throwing a pickle down the hallway.

    Can someone explain what these are?
    banged over a wheelie bin
    Thank you.

    1. Going from memory, so might not be 100% accurate —

      slag = British for “slut”
      tart = French for “slut” and borrowed in to English
      slapper = British slang for “prostitute”
      banged over a wheelie bin = banged over the hood of a car, except in England they do it over a wheeled garbage can instead of a car becuz reasons

  3. Just been banged over a wheelie bin – never heard the phrase before but it fits her perfectly!!

    I like it.

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