Some time back I read this article about Germany, and filed it away because at the time, it actually rendered me speechless.  I’m still dumbfounded, but let me give it a shot anyway.

The executive summary is that as migrant North African men have turned rape into a spectator sport in Germanland, more people are getting gun licenses and guns for self-protection.  The response from the Kraut gummint has been predictable:

A survey of Germany’s 16 states revealed that 640,000 citizens are now able to carry a weapon. This number was only 260,000 in 2014.
In total there are 5.4 million privately owned guns with the proportion of licence holders being highest in Schleswig-Holstein, reports thelocal.
The Union of Police said ‘more and more people feel insecure’ since the sexual assaults on women outside Cologne Cathedral on New Year’s Eve 2015.
Germany has seen a number of high profile sex attacks since more than 200 women came forward to say they were assaulted during Cologne’s festivities.
Police later revealed that the majority of suspects were said to be of North African origin.
Union of Police chairman Oliver Malchow said the rise was sparked by a ‘latent feeling on insecurity’ in the population.
He added: ‘The problematic increase in small arms licenses shows that we need to work to restore a sense of security to many citizens.’

Trust a fucking bureaucrat cop to think that an increase in gun ownership in response to lawlessness is a “problem”, whereas we all know that the real  problem is mass rape, and the unwillingness of the Kraut courts to cut the rapists’ pee-pees off in the town square for Saturday entertainment.

Hey, Herr Gewerkschaftsvorsitzender  Malchow you fucking weasel functionary, here’s a tip:  if you’re feeling squeamish about the peasants arming themselves, then you need to tell your cops to start dealing with the problem in a manner designed to discourage the behavior.   Then the people won’t feel deserted by the law and its enforcers, and feel the need to help themselves when the fucking cops can’t or won’t protect them.

As the old saying goes, the primary function of the State is to monopolize the use of violence by denying it to the populace.  Here’s a classic example of just that.  Our Oliver sees people arming themselves as the problem, and not the behavior of foreigners which gives rise to that (very understandable) reaction.

And this, I don’t have to tell you, is the endgame of the socialists who have seized control of the Democrat Party:  a disarmed, fearful citizenry dependent on police protection from the predations of others.

Well, fuck that.  Here’s a suggested antidote to the problem above, in our local context:

Too bad ordinary Germans can’t get their hands on one of these beauties., but I think they have enough choices not to worry too much about it…

…until this prick Malchow decides that genug ist genug, and sends his policemen round to confiscate all those licensed handguns, seeing as the cops know who all the gun owners are, and which guns they own.  All in the name of safety, of course.

Now, what was that about the Democrats’ plans in Virginia…?


  1. I’ve told of this experience so many times that when I start typing autofill completes it for me, but it bears repeating. Sorry that it’s long, consider it a warning.

    I lived in NYC from birth up until 1998. NYC’s gun laws are what Socialists/Democrats/Assholes MEAN when they talk about “common sense gun laws”. Well, I had a target pistol license in NYC, so I can tell you what the laws are and how they work.

    First, you need to go to One Police Plaza in lower Manhattan to pick up your application, no, they won’t mail you one, and the local cop-shops don’t keep them on hand. You fill out your form, bring it, two passport photos which MUST be under six months old, and a postal money order (not bank money order, not personal check, MUST be a postal money order) for, IIRC, around $250 (back in the mid 1990s, probably higher now) back to One Police Plaza in person (no mailing it!), where you wait on line for someone to take your stuff, fingerprint you, and send you on your merry way.

    Then you wait. And wait. And wait. Nine months after I did the above, I got a letter saying my license was ready, and I had ten days to come to One Police Plaza to pick it up. Oh, bring two new passport photos, the ones you gave us nine months ago are now over six months old. So you dutifully go back, wait on line, and sit in front of this functionary who re-asks you the questions you answered on the application, in a manner designed to piss you off (and if you get upset that’s grounds for denial of your application). Finally, if all goes well, you are presented with your license and one purchase authorization, you now have 30 days to purchase your first handgun. So you go to your friendly neighborhood gun shop, pick out and purchase your handgun, now you have 72 hours to bring said handgun (in a locked container, and with the bill-of-sale) BACK to One Police Plaza for “inspection” where they record the serial number, type it on your license, and KEEP your bill-of-sale (you know, the only proof you have that you purchased the gun on that date and what you paid for it). Of course, your target license only allows you to travel from home to range, or home to One Police Plaza, so this means you’re likely taking a day off from work. If you want another gun, you have to go back to One Police Plaza and ask “Mommy May I?”, get an application for another purchase authorization (which IIRC takes about a month), then you again have 30 days to purchase and 72 hours to bring it in for “inspection” (registration).

    Think I’m finished? I’m not.

    Recall that I said I had a target license? That allows you to transport the gun from home to a range (and you MUST be a member of a gun club to get a target license) whenever you wish, you may NOT keep the gun loaded at home. Revolvers must have a barrel length no less than four inches, autos five inches. If you instead get a premise license, you’re allowed to keep it loaded at home, but you can only take the gun to the range on two pre-selected DATES per month for practice. Carry license? Forget it unless you’re a retired cop or a celebrity (Robert DeNiro has one).

    Oh, the license expires every two years, at which point you must renew it (for about another $200, but you can do that by mail). Failure to renew before the expiration will have a couple uniformed cops at your door to confiscate your guns for destruction. They don’t remind you that you’re about to expire, that’s on you, and God held you if you miss the deadline, see above with the uniforms.

    Want a rifle? For that you perform basically the same process, but have to go to Queens. Oh, no nasty assault weapons, nothing over ten rounds, no bayonet lugs (there’s a cottage industry in NYC for removing lugs from Garands).

    When I moved to NJ I thought I’d gone to the land of Freedom, now in PA I’m in hog Heaven.

    The above is what the Socialists want to enact nation-wide, at least until they get around to the confiscations.

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