In my Boxing Day post, I omitted to acknowledge the source of the main pic (of a mouthwatering roast beef) — “omitted” in that the pic wasn’t labeled, and the now-forgotten website where I found it hadn’t labeled it either.  (Under copyright law, by the way, such copyright infringement is called “inadvertent”, which in my case it certainly was.)  So I fixed that.

But that’s not the point of this post:  this is.

The pic originally came from a crowd named Carnivore Style, and I urge you all to visit their website.

This referral has not been forced on me by legal assholes, by the way:  it looks like an excellent place and I for one am going to spend a lot more time there as I devote yet more time to eating red meat in the future.  (This is an interesting take on Keto vs. Carnivore diets, incidentally.)

AND of course, bedehr gesocht, it might cause mass suicides among vegans, Extinction Rebellion loonies and other such filth.  Which can only be a good thing.


  1. Names for your consideration Kim.
    Amber O’Hearn
    Dr. Georgia Ede
    Dr. Shawn Baker
    Dr. Ken Berry.

    You definitely should give it a shot Kim, but be advised there may be a somewhat uncomfortable transition period as you adjust to the absence of killer carbs. Took me about a month to adjust, but it’s been clear sailing for the past year. I’m 71 and on no meds whatever, not even OTCs. I have normal BP, low and steady blood glucose, low triglycerides, no digestive issues, no vitamin deficiencies, and far less carb induced hunger. Psoriasis gone, skin clearing nicely, slow but steady weight loss, carb cravings completely gone…the list is long. And perhaps most deliciously Carnivore is a huge healthy Stooges style poke in the eyes of the leftist Vegan propaganda machine.

    Suggested readings:

    Lies My Doctor Told Me by Dr. Ken Berry.
    The Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz
    Good Calories Bad Calories by Gary Taubes

    These three alone will open anyone’s eyes to how badly the gummint has screwed the pooch with its monumentally counterproductive “nutrition” recommendations.

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