Morality Issue

Needless to say, I’ve never watched a single minute of the Brit TV show Love Island, in which (I think) a bunch of single people are thrown together in a closed-off environment to see which of them will pair off and find “love” — after bonking like bunnies, no doubt.  (My Brit friends tell me it’s as bad as it sounds, maybe worse.)  But that’s not why I’m talking about the stupid thing;  this is.

One of the contestants was recently revealed to be [gasp]  a keen big game hunter, and has had several photos published of him posed next to some dead animal or other.  Needless to say, in today’s culture, that makes him Literally Hitler or some such bullshit, and there have been calls for him to be tossed off the show — curiously, considering that the show revolves around wholesale fornication, he should be fired as an “issue of morality”.

So promiscuous sex is okay, but hunting is streng verboten?  Got it.

However, the producers of the show — at least at the time I write this — have refused all demands to fire the man, and basically told all the wokescolds to FOAD.

Good for them.


  1. That boy needs some clothes on cause he looks as if he has a high psi, too much pressure pushing out his muscles and stuff. Meanwhile he goes down and pays a ton of money to shoot some cattle and anti-lopes where the meat will go to protein staved locals and fees make the wild things worth keeping around for the local economy. As for making a show about strange body people boffing each other that’s seems to me to be some kind of porn-lite which will just confuse youngsters even more about the boy girl stuff since they stay youngsters until their mid 30’s. More shit from Kim I never knew about.

  2. I wonder if any of those snowflakes have ever visited an abattoir?
    Their last McDonalds burger came from one.

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