Speaking Of Licensing Guns

By now we all know what the godless socialists are planning in Virginia, to whit, licensing of gun owners with respect to the following:

An “assault firearm” means a semi-automatic center-fire rifle that expels single or multiple projectiles by action of an explosion of a combustible material that has the ability to accept a detachable magazine and has one of the following characteristics: (i) a folding or telescoping stock; (ii) a pistol grip that protrudes conspicuously beneath the action of the rifle; (iii) a thumbhole stock; (iv) a second handgrip or a protruding grip that can be held by the non-trigger hand; (v) a bayonet mount; (vi) a grenade launcher; (vii) a flare launcher; (viii) a silencer; (ix) a flash suppressor; (x) a muzzle brake; (xi) a muzzle compensator; (xii) a threaded barrel capable of accepting (a) a silencer, (b) a flash suppressor, (c) a muzzle brake, or (d) a muzzle compensator; or (xiii) any characteristic of like kind as enumerated in clauses (i) through (xii).

The little bastard is talking about something like this AR:

or this Dragunov:

or even this AK:

I am so glad I live in Texas;  but that doesn’t mean something similar couldn’t happen here in the future.

This means only one thing…  yep, you read my mind:  a trip to the local Eeevil Loophole Gun Show™ over the weekend for one of those private transactions that the would-be gun confiscaters hate so much.

I call it “civic duty”.  I don’t care what they  call it.


  1. From the linked article:
    “A bill from Delegate Mark Levine (D) mandates all Virginia AR-15 owners acquire a license of ownership from the state. Those who do not acquire a license yet remain in possession of AR-15s will be labeled felons.”

    What the fuck can you say about a gov’t that allows a person like that to attempt to violate the highest law in the land (“…shall not infringe…”) ? The magnitude of such a thing stuns me every time I see it. This Levine criminal and his entire immediate family need to be dragged ingroup at high speed through the city square then set on fire with diesel.

  2. I would point out that none of the firearms pictured operate “by action of an explosion of a combustible material”. They operate by burning smokeless powder, which does not explode.

    So eat it, you blackface pointy hat tyrants!

    1. That was my reaction too. If the propellant explodes, it will ruin your day and give you a face full of shrapnel.
      I think things are better now, but back in the day you mixed up a batch, tested it, and then put a label on it saying what it was.
      All the duPont powder making buildings had only three walls with the open side pointing towards the river. If it blew, the men inside were toast, but the building could be saved.

  3. Kim, you’ve doubtless covered this before, but what vendors would you recommend for finding a good AK at a reasonable price?

    1. Jabr, as long as you stay away from the Century Arms AKs and the Chinese Type 56 clones, you’ll be fine. As to the dealers… gun shows are your friend, but have a look here if you need to get it through your FFL:
      OR for a specific choice:
      and with a folding stock:

  4. Buy all the individual parts, and the manual, and some tools, watch some Youtoobz, then put it together yourself. That way you’ll be familiar with all the parts and how they inter-operate, and be able to fix it yourself. Start with a “used” receiver in good condition (the part with the serial number) then add all the other stuff. If you know which end of the screwdriver to jam into the bad guys face you can do this. I do and I have and I will do it again.

    1. I agree with all this. Except I am inclined to go the 80% route. A variety of Glocks, ARs, and 1911s can be built without having to do the “May I” to the gubbermint. It is entirely legal even in some of the bluest states. If you feel the need for a sn, get some letter and number punches and inscribe your initials and 001, etc. It is only if you attempt to sell them that you must be licensed as a manufacturer. Think of the fun you could have if you started numbering them at 435.

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