Quote Of The Day

From Walter Williams:

“Knowing who owns what weapons is the first step to confiscation.”

I don’t think I have to caution any of my Readers about this, but anyway:  if ever some government apparatchik wants to register guns — any  kind of guns — resist, refuse to comply, make a noise about it.

I should point out that back in the police state known as Apartheid South Africa, all guns had to be registered to owners, who were themselves registered as such.

I had five  guns that the Gummint knew nothing about.  In fact, now that I think back, I had more un-registered guns than registered ones.  If it was possible under that government, it should be easy-peasy Over Here.

Do ye the same, O My Readers.


  1. I live in Australia.

    I neither confirm nor deny the existence of any firearms at Casa Bluey.

  2. Sadly, all of my guns were lost in a tragic boating accident. Even the ones I haven’t bought yet. I really should stop taking them out on the lake to clean them.

  3. These are the most important words of this post: “resist, refuse to comply, make a noise about it.”

    Do NOT speak of what weapons you might own, or may someday hope to acquire. It’s nobody’s business but yours. Do not speak of where they are, and when you use them, say at a range, beware of the video cameras “for your protection,” or “for insurance purposes.” Who has access to those videos? Maybe better to sharpen your skills at some back country do-it-yourself range where it’s you and the ground squirrels.

    Remember, for all their bluster and threats, the gun grabbers have no balls for the confrontation that will come if they try to disarm the Citizens. They will send others out to do the deed, and many who are dispatched might be looking at this situation like you are. Right now, great amounts of civil disobedience will go a long way towards causing them to re-think what they’re doing and how they’ll do it.

    And make noise, LOT’S of noise. Every political and governmental meeting, at whatever level, should be used as a platform to question why they want to destroy our Constitution. Every politician should be forced to explain themselves and the positions they hold against the Citizens. It might get you thrown out of their meeting, but in this day and age, it will be publicized, and it will grow support from others who may still be undecided as to where they stand.

    1. When you said “Make lots of noise”, my first reaction was “by shooting assault rifles into the air”…

  4. Sort of on topic…

    I know you have a fondness for all things Mauser, and I just got an email ad from Classic Firearms about a shipment of WWII Czech-produced Mauser K98’s in 8mm. All built in 1945 in Czech factories after the Nazis overran them.

    Not my cup of tea, but they do look nice.

  5. I am a Lawyer in an Australian regional city. I have been involved in gun-laws for some time.
    No 2nd amendment in Oz, and each of the States has its own laws; and in turn they are guided by what the Commonwealth Govt (and the Police) want.
    Recently we did a Court appearance for a chap who had excess alcohol in his blood whilst driving. No allegation of being under the influence.
    A month or two later the local Police visited him, holding a list of his guns, and took them away. Why? The drink-driving charge made him no longer a “fit and proper person” to have a firearms licence. Five years disqualification. We have not yet found a right of appeal.
    When Big Brother knows things about you, he has a lot of power. And, like the rule of entropy in Physics, the same in politics and bureaucracy

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