Shuddup, You Little Prick

From perpetual pain-in-the-ass Has-Been Mayor of NYFC Bloomberg:

Yes, [California has] problems, including homelessness, struggling public schools and scarce, costly housing. But California “is something the rest of the country looks up to,” Bloomberg said. “California has been a leader in an awful lot of things.”

The only things looking up to California are the flies circling the turds lying in the streets. All the rest of us (sentient human beings, that is) think California is a Grade-A shithole.

And if I can use Hizzoner’s own words, just modified a little:

“California has been a leader in a lot of awful things.”

…which is more truthful than what he said.


  1. When I read a Header like “Shaddup, You Little Prick,” that pretty much guarantees I’m going to read the post.

    Everything you write concerning Bloomberg’s assessment of Cali is true and without question. They have this God-given Utopia that is the Pacific coast, and they are rushing head-long to destroy it as quickly and completely as possible. Their citizens are morons who keep electing corrupt politicians who promise the moon and stars, then come up with money-drains like the high-speed train to nowhere and 10,000 units of affordable housing for the people who sleep and sh*t on the streets. Both examples are extremely over budget, demanding more taxpayer money, and will never, ever, be finished.

    But what really bugs me about this post, and please don’t take it personally, you beat me to the obvious “California has been a leader in a lot of awful things.” I may need a drink to ease my disappointment.

  2. Heh, I’ve been referring to him as that FLP (Fascist Little Prick) for years.

    And I’m not using Fascist in the left’s definition of anything I don’t like. I think it fits him. For example, using the power of the State (NYFC) to control what private companies are allowed to do (sell 32oz Sodas) strikes me as meeting the original spirit of, if not the academic definition of, fascism.

    1. And now the little micromanaging prick is taking credit for fixing things in NYC that were accomplished by Rudy Guiliani.

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