Virginia Flashpoint #4

If there’s any silver lining to the dire situation that ordinary Virginians are finding themselves (being at the mercy of a Democrat-dominated legislature and executive, that is), it’s that the latter bastards are showing the rest of us Americans exactly what they would do if they held the keys to the national  levers of power.

By now, we’re all familiar with the gun banning / confiscation / criminalization intent of Virginia’s state government — even to the extent of Head Bastard Gov. Northam having a tidy little budget set aside for prosecution and incarceration of law-abiding criminalized gun owners.  How nice.

But it doesn’t end there.  These fucking Commies are going after suburbanites, too [emphasis added]:

Democrats in Virginia may override local zoning to bring high-density housing, including public housing, to every neighborhood statewide — whether residents want it or not.
The measure could quickly transform the suburban lifestyle enjoyed by millions, permitting duplexes to be built on suburban lots in neighborhoods previously consisting of quiet streets and open green spaces. Proponents of “upzoning” say the changes are necessary because suburbs are bastions of segregation and elitism, as well as bad for the environment.

Of course, the environment just has  to be dragged in to support their weak-assed argument.  Although if anyone wants to see a truly  ravaged environment, I invite them to visit a low-income neighborhood, anywhere in the world.  Middle-class suburbs, likewise anywhere in the world, are paradise by comparison — until “affordable” housing is brought in, that is.  And right on cue:

The move, which aims to provide “affordable housing,” might be fiercely opposed by local officials throughout the state, who have deliberately created and preserved neighborhoods with particular character — some dense and walkable, others semi-rural and private — to accommodate people’s various preferences.

But Democrats tout a state-level law’s ability to replace “not in my backyard” with “yes, in your backyard.”

And if you think that this blight would not be inflicted on the rest of us with a Democrat-controlled U.S. House, Senate and Presidency, I have a New York bridge to sell you.

No doubt, as time goes by the Virginia pols are going to find more and more bastardy to inflict on their hapless citizenry.

I don’t think that this was quite what the Founders intended with the “laboratory of the states”;  but then they could never have conceived  of a socio-political statist condition such as “Marxism”.  Thank goodness, however, that in their wisdom they gave us the means to resist such iniquity, if conditions were to become intolerable.

Which is why the Marxists are so set on disarming us.

And here we are.  So what are we to do?  Well, duh:

And if we’re talking rooftops, then:


And if you think these fuckers won’t classify your beloved hunting rifles as “sniper” rifles, there’s another bridge in the New York area going cheap.  We won’t even talk about the “serious” rooftop option:

They’re already  going after these — no doubt because so many are used in drive-by shootings, of course. [eyecross]

Virginians, take note.  Ditto the rest of us.  Because the Communists will not stop until everyone is completely disarmed.

If you want more details about this bastardy, see Don Surber’s take, which is like mine only without the guns.


  1. All you need is a rope, a vehicle, and some balls.
    The interesting thing about dragging is that, if you film it and make that film available worldwide tyranny everywhere plummets. Whereas shooting people with (yawn) guns is so everyday nobody even notices. Compare a body that has been shot to one that has been dragged and observe which is more psychologically damaging to the viewer, and thus memorable and soul changing.

      1. Me too, but given the number of potential draggees, the gas costs are going to be considerable.

        1. Not really. Snowflakes come apart very easily. Just look crosseyed at one and see. I bet if you dragged one say 100 feet there would be nothing left but a frayed end. Hell, why not a group drag? Lasso about 50 of them together then tie the other end to the Suburban and let it go. I’d eagerly pay 100 of my favoritest legal tenders for a vid of that!

  2. Virginia has set aside $250K for the cost of enforcing the new laws and incarceration, that much money will take care of 12.5 convicts, just upkeep for one year, not including the costs to enforce the law and then the cost of trials, when the law enforcement officers in the sanctuary counties refuse to take the guns away before the actual gun owners have been found. I think we are going to see some expensive civil disobedience on the part of the elected officials in the majority of the counties in Virginia if these unenforceable laws are actually passed. Remember when Colorado did their thing and all of a sudden they had recall elections which put two out of three new law makers out of office.

    I suspect this might become a third rail for some of the politicians that were bought and paid for by Bloomberg as the resistance digs in. The time for conservatives to ‘go along and get along’ and not show up to vote when their vote might not count is over and every ‘funny ballot’ election needs to be challenged by the Right People.

    1. $250k will pay for 250.000 bullets, maybe more at discount prices.

      Those bullets will go to the SWAT units doing no-knock entries into the houses of every registered gun owner in the state where they’ll be used to kill those gun owners.
      No prisons or courts needed…

      Welcome to the Great Terror, 2020 style.

      1. In deep red Virginia counties where the sheriffs have already said ‘Haha nope’?

        I understand the concern, but the Dems badly overplayed their hand in Virginia, and it shows.

  3. First and foremost, the problems currently facing the citizens of Virginia, (and possibly the entire nation someday,) need to be faced carefully and thoughtfully. First, if Virginia has recall of politicians in their state constitution, it must begin NOW. While recall petitions probably can’t be circulated until the targets actually take office, the moment the offensive politicians take their oaths of office, the pens should be meeting the petitions. Don’t wait for the assholes to actually do something unconstitutional, the mere fact that they are breathing free air should be reason enough to sign.

    Second, if they persist on pushing their evil crap through, then the physical rebellion must start. Keeping in mind that things like slashing politicians tires or keying their cars or painting vile obscenities on their houses is against the law, each citizen must decide for themselves just what they might do and how far across the line they are willing to step. That decision must rest with the individual; it could also effect your loved ones. Remember that cameras are everywhere these days, and if you are identified you risk prosecution. This caution MUST remain top-most whatever you do: If you physically harm anyone, you lower yourselves to their level.

    Third, and with the help of God it will never come to this, if the laws pass, if the confiscations begin, then a war will have been declared on the Citizens. If you as an individual, decide that you have reached your “line in the sand,” be sure your family is safe, take up your arms, and move against the enemy. Do not wait for them to come for you; they will overwhelm you with their numbers and firepower. A moving target is harder to hit, and darkness is your friend.

    Points to remember: they have you outgunned, for the most part. Even the balance by taking their weapons before you leave the area. Communication by computer or cell phone is like having the enemy included in your conversations. “They” have all manner of ways to compromise your communications. Don’t give them the chance. Face-to-face conversations with fellow patriots, or hand-written notes transferred by trusted messengers will be best, but should be kept to a minimum, as everyone has a point where they might be turned against you.

    This fight is to stop the illegal and unconstitutional assault on our Rights. It should not ever be used as a personal vendetta to “settle scores.” We are better than that.

    1. One more thing too add: Silence is golden. No one needs to know what weapons you own, what you’ve recently purchased, how much ammo you have stored, or where it might be. Shut the hell up about it! Especially, NEVER post about it on-line. The Internet never forgets, and people, in general, can’t be trusted to not talk about YOU.

      Politicians don’t get to know who has guns. Registrations, especially the proposed “grandfather” offer for “scawy” guns in Virginia (you can keep your ARs and AKs if you just register them,) is nothing more than a list of who has guns and where they keep them. And when your doctor or insurance agent asks you about your weapon ownership or habits, politely but firmly tell them to go f*ck themselves. It’s none of their business, either. Ever! Gun possession is not a disease.

      1. I have a form for doctors to read and sign if they ask about firearm ownership in which they certify that they have undergone training in firearms use so as to be able to ask such questions. I don’t expect the “conversation” to go much beyond, “Great! I have a form here to document and memorialize your training and authority in this matter.”

        1. I live in Boerne Texas where he doc offices have gun magazines, (the kind you read), and the docs are gun friendly. One of my docs is a neat little Jewish guy, 47 years old and this time my appointment was right before lunch and I was his last patient so we talked guns. He competes with guns in 3-Gun, IDPA and maybe some other stuff and he has lots of neat guns with suppressors for all of his rifles.

          His last bit of advice for me was to keep my numbers working on my kidney and stuff just keep up what I am doing which includes a bit medicinal scotch in the evenings and to compete with my carry pistol from time to time so I can get those numbers, the seconds lower. He also said he had to relearn how to use his sights because he had been doing too much point and shoot when he was going fast on targets, he explained that in order to shoot at lots of various distances he had to practice over and over using his front sight before he pulled the trigger. Damn I am glad I live in Texas.

  4. One more thing, I was visiting with an old Army buddy who lives in the Alexandra area of Virginia and I asked him if the police and law enforcement folks would go along with the new gun grabbing coming up. I told him that here in my part of Texas the cops are gun friendly and the local sheriff told me one day that if anyone ever came after out guns they would be standing next to us. Of course I live in a town where the local Parks & Recreation conduct concealed carry classes every month or so.

    As for Virginia, my old friend told me that for the past few decades the recruitment of Police, Highway Patrol Troopers and Game Rangers has been hiring lefty assholes who go out of their way to write tickets on out-of-state cars for driving a few miles too fast, and writing up folks who have a bird feeder for baiting if deer are ever seen near it. He told me that the enforcers are self righteous, social justice bullies who detest the conservative movement so they might be stupid enough to actually start a highly regrettable situation in the name of ‘doing good for all mankind’.

    1. That’s why during Katrina in New Orleans, the governor sent in members of the California State Police (who’d volunteered to “help out”) to disarm homeowners trapped in their houses. They didn’t dare use locals.

      1. Kalifornia indeed. I may have mentioned before that the wife and I escaped from there in 2015 for DFW.

        Along about 1980 while in college, I walked precincts there and passed out literature in opposition to anti-gun ballot propositions. The progs have been at this a long time. I should also mention that by that time, I had finished my Army hitch and was a veteran of the Cold War.

        I was an FFL for near 20 years starting in ’93. By the time I threw in the towel, the combined state and federal paperwork literally created a dossier on each firearm transaction. When the progs got their veto-proof majority, the pace accelerated.

        Now they have a background check for each time you buy ammo. Golly, how’s that working out?–

        How long before this gets proposed in Virginia? It will be harder than Kalifornia because Virginia does not already have a state background check in place, but when has that ever stopped them?

      2. Of course you don’t use locals, they might know each other, and at any rate, they likely feel similarly about the issue at hand. Robert Heinlein covered this in his early juvenile, “Space Cadet”. The cadets became so invested in the Space Service that they contemplated having to nuke their own home towns if (in some unspecified way) that became necessary. A more senior colleague told the protagonist that they wouldn’t make them do that if it was at all possible, to the extent of locking that officer in the brig until the deed was done.
        And back to Katrina, wasn’t the use of out of state LEO’s from stricter states than Louisiana how the Danzig bridge incident came to pass? It’s been a long time; I don’t recall.

  5. The modern ‘liberator’ handguns:

    A Cobra .380, with 6 rounds of ammo. Not much of a gun, but you only need it to get to a better gun. Retail cost? Around $140

    1. I figure on a Poly 80 pseudo-Glock as the modern Liberator. It’s more expensive, but you get a much better firearm. Without paperwork – and today, I think that’s the most important part.

  6. As to zoning matters, as in many things, CA is leading the way to a top-down fascism:
    This usurping of local control over zoning matters is being done in the name (naturally) of Global Warming and getting people out of their cars and into public transport. The first step is to rezone areas around “transit centers” to encourage high-rise/density housing minimizing the requirement for both garages and parking – if they wish to go somewhere, walk or take the bus/train.
    Like “RHT447”, I too was an FFL in CA for 20-years, and now live in Free America, and conducting gun sales are a pleasure here instead of the bureaucratic nightmare it became in CA.

  7. This will get sporty soon and the slippery slope will kick end. What is at the bottom is not pretty. Commies will not stop till they are dead. No if ands or buts.

  8. The local enviro-nazis just published their findings in a report titled “The Road to Zero Emissions” and invited comments. It took them 78 pages to try to prove that the problem with our nice leafy suburb was that we all live in bigger houses, own more land, have more cars, drive more miles than 90% of the rest of the people in the state. And therefore we produce more C02 so we must change our ways.

    I told them those were not problems, they were features! They were the reason we choose to live in this small town. I used Sierra Club numbers to demonstrate that in all their calculations they had failed to include that all the trees we also own cancel out our CO2 production ( and then some) and replace it with O2. We actually have a large negative carbon footprint.

    Use their own numbers against them. They are not amused.

    1. I’d not be at all surprised if we’re within our lifetimes going to see legal limits on the square meters/feet per person we’re allowed to “occupy” in our homes, with a legal requirement to go live somewhere smaller if we exceed those limits.

      And those limits will be small, think similar to what most of us would have considered average for a dorm room in the 1980s or ’90s (so think 10 square meters/100 square foot per person).

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