Clearing Out

At this time of year, James Lileks always talks about purging his hard drive of pics he’s accumulated as he puts together his wonderful screeds.  So if it’s good enough for Lileks, it’s good enough for me (although to be honest, the kind of pics I save are not the kind he saves).

Here’s 60s-era Italian actress Stefania Sandrelli, for example:

Then there’s the 80s-era Italian actress Serena Grandi:

And still on Italian actresses, how about the eternal  Italian actress:

And forgetting about actresses altogether, we have a Vespa model:

But let’s not get stuck on the Italians.  Moving on, we have a classical sea nymph of no known origin:

And speaking of antiquities, there’s always Jane Russell:

Moving into the modern era, there’s the elfin Jenna-Louise Coleman:

Still with the Brits, there’s Harvey Weinstein’s ummmm protogée victim, the exquisite Lysette Anthony:

There’s also one of my perennial favorites, Christine McGuinness:

…as well as soap star hottie Helen Flanagan:

And I have no idea why I saved these pics:

Okay, on medical advice, I have to stop now — and in any event, I think I’ve gone far enough.

Maybe more, next week.


  1. Considering how cheap hard drive space is these days (I found a 2TB external USB drive that was cheaper than a 256gb thumb drive recently), why would you purge those beauties at all?

    Oh, and thanks for the pics. If you’re throwing away perfectly good women I might as well save them myself 😉

  2. A splendid collection as usual, although it’s Jenna-LOUISE Coleman. (She dropped the “Louise” about halfway through her run on “Doctor Who”, and now as the young Queen Victoria it’s just “Jenna”.)

  3. James Lileks is a mad genius.

    His commentary on the highly-recommended highly-influencial Art Frahm ‘Ladies In Distress’ series is worth the price of admission right there.

  4. James Lileks…. another corner of the internet I wasn’t previously aware of, that just absorbed the last 2 hours.

    Thank you!!

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