Wedding Day Blues

From the headlines:

Tomos Rhydian Wilson (left and inset with brother Steffan), 29, from Swansea, went on a drunken rampage at his brother’s reception at the Lampeter’s Falcondale Hotel, Ceredigion, Wales

You had me at “Wales”.  No further explanation is necessary, unless you want to know the details.

See also:

PC Andrea Griffiths has resigned from North Wales Police

‘Nuff said.


  1. Were you the one who said that heretofore you thought the Welsh had nothing to offer the world except consonants?
    These two examples you referenced rival “Florida Man” in the United States for police-blotter entertainment

  2. “she had sex on duty with abuse victim she was meant to be looking after”

    Who’s to say she WASN’T looking after him?

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