Denial Of Service

Sure, let’s have some snowflake college-dropout coffee jockeys refuse to serve their company’s overpriced shit beverage — again — and when CoffeeMegaCorp Inc. discovers the transgression, they go all “failure of training” and “re-education / retraining” handwringing, and make some token effort at rapprochement.

Here are a couple of my thoughts on the matter.

  • Refusing to serve people in uniform — be it police, armed forces or firemen, whatever — is not a “failure of training”.  In this case, it is a conscious and complete rejection of one of society’s primary institutions (to protect society’s members from the predations of others, or the apprehension and removal of said predators from society).  That such snowflakes have come to consider law enforcement as “The Enemy” and therefore worthy of such shunning is a topic for another time.
  • As I’ve said before, this bullshit does not happen in isolation.  Clearly, the refuseniks feel that they can get away with this behavior — by undergoing lip-service token “retraining” — and at some point, one has to think that CoffeeMegaCorp. is somehow complicit in this disgusting activity, whether by corporate culture, or hiring practices, over-accommodation, or perceived weakness (by its employees).

Here’s what I want to see.  Denial of service to police officers by an establishment should result in an immediate response from the police chief that his police force will no longer respond to distress calls or service calls from any or all  of the corporation’s branches — in other words, if one employee at a branch of Starbucks does this again, then the police will in essence deny police service to all  the Starbucks outlets in their jurisdiction.  (The collectivist nature of this reaction should appeal to or at least be understood by those liberal/socialist cocksuckers known as Starbucks executive management, after all.)

And if (as in the above) service is not denied but simply delayed, then the police chief should institute a policy that their response to all distress calls from Starbucks stores will be delayed, not by an equivalent period of time, but one ten times longer — i.e. if a deputy has to wait six minutes for service, then police response to an emergency will take at least an hour to arrive.

And should Starbucks file suit against the police force for this reaction, let them drag this through the court system, at their peril.

If Starbucks employees want to set themselves apart from society’s institutions (for reasons I’m not interested in enumerating), then they should be denied the protection of those institutions, permanently.  These assholes — employees and employers both — need to understand the true consequences of their actions.

And finally, if Starbucks management tries to kiss ass, e.g. “We are deeply sorry and reached out to apologize directly to them”, the police chief’s response should be to tell them to fuck off and die — in other words, no apology will suffice.

In Cold War terms, this attitude is called “massive retaliation” — where the response is actually far out of proportion to the initial incident.

And we need a lot more of this, to overcome the spoiled, self-entitlement and virtue-signaling attitude of people who are, in the final analysis, no more than flunkies (despite the high-sounding and pretentious titles created by Starbucks).

Finally, the police chief should reach out to other coffee shops in the area and negotiate a group discount for his deputies and their families  at those establishments.  If Starbucks doesn’t appreciate his officers’ business, the police officers should go where it is.

Fuck these woke shitbrains, all of them.  I’m sick of their bullshit.


  1. This seems to only happen in leftist enclaves where the police chiefs are as leftist as the baristas and don’t let the street cops provide much protection to the citizens any way. We have a TWANLOC problem with the entire Clinton Archipelago.

  2. I like it. Bring back the old traditions, like the Writ of Outlawry.

    If such a thing happened again, I could see corporate scrambling to fire the employee, supervisor, manager, and everybody else at that location, just to keep their other shops from closing when the employees decide that minimum wage isn’t worth getting robbed twice a night.

    And the courts have long established that police don’t have any duty to stop any particular crime or to protect any particular person, so it should all be legal. It might even make certain corporations rethink their stance on gun-free zones. (Well, I can dream anyway.)

  3. Feh. The coffee at Pilot/Flying J is better than that of CoffeeMegaCorp. So is Buc-ee’s. And Shell. And Chevron. And Arco. And Sunset Acres Rest Home. And the Greasiest Spoon In The World. Hell, coffee made from day-old grounds from McDonald’s and brewed with water from the City of Flint is better than CoffeeMegaCorp.

  4. “Some time ago, on another site, I created a term for them. TWANLOC. Those Who Are No Longer Our Countrymen. We do not speak the same language. We do not share a common history. We have diametrically opposite world views. We do not share a common culture. They hate us with a fervor that is literally religious. We share a common piece of territory, but they literally hate that territory. We are not of the same nation. History shows what happens when people that different and hostile are not allowed to separate peacefully. ”
    Subotai Bahadur

  5. Not defending Starycoffee, I used to drink a lot of their cheapest priced stuff when I had a store in the same shopping center at Lovers & Inwood in Dallas for years. I was also amazed at the variety of staff including a good friend of mine who was one of the asst. managers. Going back 20 years ago they hired some real strange looking freaks, people who had so much metal attached to their heads they were afraid to go outside in a thunderstorm and lots of ink. I have been in a Starycoffee one time in the last two years, back up in Dallas same place and the freak show had doubled, the coffee still nasty and the place was a pig sty, dirty, disorganized and sticky, everything kind of sticky.

    Perhaps what is going on now is the fact that with full employment those who wish to work where freaky folk used to be are just the dregs of that demographic who have no idea what employment actually means. Then they go through diversity training which to their minds, perhaps enhanced by too much of the super weed they have now, they show their lefty leaning and virtue by reacting negatively to people in uniform. Not excusing their behavior and I think it reflects a corporate view of our nation and their corporate management at all levels. So, what to do? Call them out on national media, even in Rat-Shit Oklahoma if you have to go in and buy their nasty, over roasted swill and all those beverages three times more expensive that are full of foamy soy, half calf bovine lactic fluid and a quarter cup of virtuous brownish sugar stuff.

    Now to get another cup of my Mr. Coffee, HEB drip that I make every morning and enjoy in my nice clean, quiet home reading Kim and others.

  6. Situation happens, coffee monkey refuses service to a uniformed, productive, member of society, or tampers with any product destined to be delivered to them, and when the SHTF, Corporate goes all “sackcloth and ashes” trying to smooth things over.

    With the almost daily news stories about these incidents, why would any LEO buy anything from Charbucks? Why continue to support a business that doesn’t support you? Just because it hasn’t happened to you, why take the chance? There’s lots of places to buy good coffee, and you’ll probably save money, too.

    One more thing: are we sure that any company, especially Charbucks, actually fires these offenders?

    Who knows whether or not they just get transferred to another store down the road? With all the hungry lawyers in the country looking for a reason to sue, it seems to me that some of them could come up with a reason to sue for wrongful termination, even in these situations. Corporate America would rather have these incidents just go away, rather than take the chance of having to pay out big bucks to an asshole coffee jerk.

    1. I think these nitwits get a couple days off with or without pay or get transferred to another overpriced coffee dispenser outlet


  7. Went there once, at an airport, never again. It ain’t coffee, it’s something else. Took one sip, fried my lip, the flavor was detestable and undrinkable, went straight into the shit can.

    Why would someone go where they are not wanted? And what’s with all this buying of prepared coffee? Same with bottled water. It’s like people can’t go even 5 mins without some sort of drinking material. WTF is that all about? Remember when vehicles did not have drink holders? People have evolved into silly misfits where their head has exchanged place with their ass. In many ways I am so out of touch with society that it frequently seems I am on a whole nuther planet.

    1. Heh. Welcome to the Dinosaur Club. Coffee pot is over there, help yourself.

      We have had one of these serving us faithfully for a couple of decades–

      Recently it began to leak water. Blind hogs and acorns, a BB&B store in our area was closing them out. Between the closeout, a coupon, and veteran’s discount, we got a new one for $16 and change.

    2. “And what’s with all this buying of prepared coffee? Same with bottled water. It’s like people can’t go even 5 mins without some sort of drinking material. WTF is that all about?”

      I don’t get it. Why does anybody else even care what someone buys WITH THEIR OWN MONEY?

      People buy prepared coffee because they only want ONE cup right then and charbucks, star whatever, MickyD’s etc. is good enough for them. And people tend to buy bottled water because a whole lot of municipal water supplies, though potable, taste like ass with a hint of chlorine.

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Free American citizens are allowed to have different tastes than you or I.

      As to law enforcement not answering calls to these places, I am sympathetic. However, I don’t think any official policy like this will survive a court challenge. Unofficially? That might work, but it would be better IMO to simply get the word out to all first-responders to boycott the establishment in question.

      1. “And people tend to buy bottled water because a whole lot of municipal water supplies, though potable, taste like ass with a hint of chlorine.”

        Welcome to Collin County, just north of Dallas, where the tap water tastes like swamp water unless you run it through a Brita filter. Twice, because the first pass won’t cut it.

        And in the spring rainy season, it SMELLS like swamp water.

  8. Sometimes, hell, who am I kidding, most of the times, in cases like these, “disproportionate response” is exactly the right amount of response.

  9. I’m in agreement, except that one cannot control an employee who goes rogue. I’d make an exception if the manager fires him on the spot.

    1. When it happens again and again and again at one particular chain, it’s reasonable to speculate that it’s not lone wolves.

  10. Seems logical to me that since the [coffee shops] are declaring they are now “Cop Free Zones”; which is essentially the same as businesses who declare themselves, “Gun Free Zones” Wankers who love robbing and killing in “Gun Free Zones” should gladly start hitting them hard. By making such a declaration they’d actually be getting a twofer!

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