Polls Apart

I see this from the Rassholes:

Voters are ready to jail or fire senior law enforcement officials who illegally targeted President Trump.

This is all part of the pussification of American society, because I’m pretty sure that if the polls were taken exclusively among my Readers and those of similar ilk, “jail” would disappear altogether and be replaced with “hanging, drawing and quartering”, “scourging” or “flaying”, with the tender-hearted among us (there may be one or two) favoring “tar ‘n feathers” and similar, more-humanitarian punishments.

We are, after all, talking about sedition if not treason.  And it was either started by, or actively condoned by, the guy at the top at the time.

And if you don’t at least smile grimly at the thought of Comey, Brennan, Clapper et al.  being the featured attractions at a noose party, I don’t wanna talk to you.


  1. Somebody over at Insty is pushing for the ancient Persian practice of flaying them alive and using the skin to make chairs for their successors to remind them.

  2. that just might work.

    If they hang i want them to die slow. skinned alive would work. as long as it was posted to u tube for future generations

  3. But first, before whatever formal punishment is executed, I want to see those arrogant bastards humiliated, their foibles and crimes, even the ones not illegal, outed for the world to jeer at, lots of orange jumpsuit parading for the camera and marched around in public streets, an egg or two to the face, and no coat over the head allowed.
    They must be made to confront us deplorables they looked down on for so many years, without their phalanxes of publicists, flunkies, advisors and armed guards, naked but for the orange jump suits, and in fear for their safety, just as they, in their evil black hearts, wished us to be.

    1. Plus 100 percent asset seizure, their heirs and assigns placed on the welfare roles and consigned to Section 8 housing.

      But then again, Obama has been on my “flog before hang” list for years.

  4. As to the preceding four comments, my vote is “All of the Above”.

    Oh, and the Pay Per View of the proceedings would lower the National Debt by maybe one notch of the belt.

    After, that is, the victims of this debacle, such as Gen. Flynn, are made whole in their fiscal and other real losses.

    Finally. Reduce the FBI to it’s evidentiary laboratories, renamed as National Forensics Service. Fire every Agent of more than five years tenure. Those with “vested” pensions can keep ’em, spun off to various private funds such as Roth IRAs. Otherwise, fuck’em, they can go apply for real cop jobs.

    If, that is, anyone will take ’em.

    U.S. Marshalls can spin up to carry the Investigative load of the (former) FBI. New hires to be pulled in from various State and Municipal P.D.s as such officers might care to apply.

    Careful screening to sort for Street Experienced Officers, and not Rear Office Rank Climbers.

    Current or past embership in the International Order of Chiefs of Police, an automatic disqualifier for the positions.

    And like the Berlin Wall, we can sell chunks of the demolished FBI building as souvenirs of the defeat of tyrants, and a token of freedoms regained.

    Who knows, maybe “a Republic, if you can keep it”, might keep for a generation more?

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

    1. “New hires to be pulled in from various State and Municipal P.D.s as such officers might care to apply.”

      As long as the offer doesn’t apply to various blue $hith0les from around the country: New York, CA, etc.

    2. ” Reduce the FBI to it’s evidentiary laboratories, renamed as National Forensics Service.”

      Are you kidding? Have you forgotten all the scandals that have surfaced over the last two decades regarding lots of fraud in their lab work? The courts may still be going through court cases that were screwed up by those idiots. I wouldn’t trust them to correctly determine anything submitted for testing. Their reputation can’t get any worse.

  5. Tar and Feathers first. Then Hanging, Drawing and Quartering.

    I also think impalement would be a suitable punishment.

  6. A public trial, held in the Senate, for treason. And the defendants get the same protections of due process, transparency, and fairness that they afforded the president during the impeachment inquiry. After that, public hanging for the ringleaders and public flogging for the supporters who put party over country. Oh, and any complicit media personalities to be tar and feathered as well.

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