1. My BoB is the same one I carried in the alps in SW Germany a lifetime ago – my Army Alice pack.
    It’s been loaded up for years and receives yearly maintenance but I have little belief in it ever being used.
    My view on all this bug out stuff has changed since when I was a younger lad.

    Now, my BoB is about 1800 square feet, has a floor, 4 walls, and a roof and I ain’t goin’ nowhere. This place is mine and if anyone wants to argue about it they can do so from a football field away with a 5.56 pointed in their direction.

    1. Yeah, we’re too old to bug out (short of a massive brushfire or flooding situation).
      Stay in place, shoot as required. (I’m an AK/Mauser man myself, of course, but to each his own.)

    2. I agree, I’m past the stage where I can Sneaky Pete my way out on foot.

      In case of fire, flood, tornado etc. my bug out bag has a V6, 4 wheel drive, room for my family, communications gear, first aid gear, survival gear and, if I don’t have enough time to hit the locker in the house, enough fire power to keep what I have and/or obtain whatever else I might need along the way.

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