Caption Competition #98

So you’re invited to the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires, where the Argies are having a function in your honor.  As it’s a formal affair, you have to wear at least a dark suit and a tie.

Whereupon you show up in said dark suit, but with your tie undone, your shirt untucked, wearing a Salvation Army scarf and clown shoes.

A rapper?  A tech executive?  A rock star?  Nope, it’s Al fucking Pacino:

Although my favorite pic of all at the august gathering is this one:

…and it’s just crying out for a caption.

Have at it, in Comments.


  1. Bottom pik, shouting.
    “I don’t even wipe my ass after shitting, wanna make something out of it you flaming butt plug?”

  2. (in a slurred drunk voice) “uuuuhhhhaaarrrghhhhhhh….I just crapped my pants.

    His outfit really cries out for one of those shirt tails to be threaded through the fly of his pants.

  3. Clown shoes? More like a pair of lifts borrowed from DeNiro. In posing the scenes on the stairs, wonder that Al didn’t stand one-stair up. Still, coming on 80-years he’s ahead of the game by a step or two.
    Blonds are Susana y Mercedes – a celebrity mother-daughter duo. My nickels on the cougar.
    Back in the ‘70’s, knew a gal at IMF who married a guy of Sicilian extraction. He was a well groomed ringer for Pacino, especially after he grew a beard. Appearance & ego earned him the less than well intended nickname “Serpico”.

  4. Freak’n 79 year old man orders another round of Botox for himself and his smooth faced babes along with spray on hair dye for his beard and head. Remember Al is a bit over five feet tall so:

    Short people got no reason
    To live

    They got little hands
    And little eyes

  5. Maybe he was appearing “in character” as Tony Montana on a coke binge.

    “Shay jello to my leetle vreeend!”

  6. What the hell do you mean, you are out of cocaine?!?!?!

    Who’s going to change my nappy?

    What do you mean, she’s a tranny?! I just fu*8ed her!

  7. The nursing home staff found that the easiest way to get senile old Uncle Al back to his room for his meds was to use these “orderlies”.

  8. That bottom picture doesn’t give the impression of womenfolk flanking him so

    “Hi, I’m Al, this is my brother Darryl, and my other brother Darryl”

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