Crims Gonna Crim

As the old saying goes:  “If you ban guns, can we use swords?”  Well, Britishland is discovering the folly of denying its citizens the natural right of self-defense, and especially ownership of guns, as the choirboys just turn to other means:

Knife crime is continuing to rocket as shocking figures released today show more than 44,000 offences were reported last year. The number of offences involving a knife or sharp instrument in England and Wales rose by 7% on the previous 12 months, figures released by the Office for National Statistics show.
The alarming figures also reveal a 4% rise in firearms offences, a 10% increase in pickpock[et]ing, an 11% rise in robberies and a 9% increase in public order offences.

And as you continue to emasculate [sic] your police force:

Worryingly, a breakdown shows just 1.4% of reported rapes end up in someone being charged, just 3.3% of sexual offences and only 5% of thefts.

I’ll bet that the highest percentage of crime categories solved (so as to bring the average up to that 7.4%) is nonsense like “didn’t have a TV license” or “littering” — you know, the serious  crimes.

The percentage of cases solved has almost halved in the last four years. It was 14.8% in 2015.

And it was crap in 2015, too.  From memory, the number was something like 60% solved back in the 1970s, when Life On Mars  policing was reality and not satire.

For my Murkin Readers:  remember, I’m always going on about Britishland because it’s an object lesson in what could happen (and in some cases is already happening) Over Here.

Take away the right to self-defense, take away the proper means of self-defense, lessen the efficiency of your police force by means of politically-correct dicta  and harassment, and you have… London.  And, by the way, Chicago.

Thanks, but no thanks.


  1. And remember that the graph paints a POSITIVE picture.
    Reality is far, far worse as at the same time as the number of convictions has halved, the number of cases that actually end up prosecuted has dropped massively as well AND the number of crimes actually reported at all to police has gone down a lot too, because people simply no longer bother to report crimes as the police and courts don’t do anything with those reports anyway.

    1. And electronic archiving of those fewer reports takes virtually no space compared to paper archiving

  2. Given that they’ve expanded what is classed as knife crime, of course it’s gone up! As regards to rape, accusations of rape which are quickly withdrawn are a thing among chavs (that’s Council House And Violent). Just ask any city copper.

  3. In total sincerity, at least the Coppers have nice uni’s.
    Perhaps their attitude towards law enforcement would change if they had British cars to drive around in?

    1. they do have British cars. They have a lot of Vauxhalls.
      And every cop tries to get promoted to a BMW or Volvo 🙂

      1. “And every cop tries to get promoted to a BMW or Volvo 🙂”

        Because a BMW or Volvo doesn’t have Lucas Electrics??

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