Call To Action

Read this post.  Read every damn word of it.  And take heed of this:

“Right now, through November 2020, every day is Saint Crispin’s Day.”

And by the way, I see my local Congressweasel Van Taylor is among the list of bastards who sided with the Socialists against the President.

He will be hearing from me, in no uncertain terms.

“Cold Anger”?  Try red-hot fury.

I for one cannot wait until November 2020, when we’ll see if everything that’s been said about Forgotten America is true.


  1. Boy oh boy,…old Bill sure knew how to write. The Crispian day speech is pure gold. It is truth. Absolute human truth in words. I tried reading it aloud to the wife but couldn’t make it through without weeping. Youtube has the Olivier film version and it is wonderful.

  2. Just dropped this little note to my retiring congressman.

    Thank you for your service. I hope you enjoy a fruitful life after leaving the US House. In the time you have remaining I hope you would humble yourself to realizing Article 1 Section 8 gives you and the rest of your colleagues the Constitutional power and RESPONSIBILITY to declare war. Voting to condemn the President while continuing to cede the powers of Congress to the executive branch is a most cowardice act of scapegoating. In my opinion and many of my friends and neighbors, if it’s worth a vote to chastise the President it’s worth Congress accepting it’s own responsibility. I encourage you to continue to restore the three branch form of government we once enjoyed. The current two party one isn’t working.

    1. Agency law is not progress, it’s regression to the form of government under the British monarch before the revolutionary war.
      Part of the great wisdom of the founding fathers was the idea of three coequal branches of government. John Marshall started what seems to have blossomed so poisonously today when he arrogated to the courts the power to review laws for unconstitutionality.
      I don’t know how to fix that, or how any remedy would work. Maybe Mark Levin’s Liberty amendments . . .

    1. I feel for you, man, California, whole state are weasels, except for a few Republicans who, if they boycotted the state senate and assembly wouldn’t come close to depriving the Democrat-Communists from passing all sorts of bills* with a super majority.

      *I kept typing this as “bilks”. Some sort of Freudian slip happening.

  3. This is specifically why The Founders took Congress out of the loop in commanding the military, and conducting foreign policy – it was no place for a gaggle of feather-merchants.
    Now, it is up to the voters in each of these 129 Congressional Districts to exact some retribution upon the scoundrels that allegedly represent them – and don’t be gentle.

  4. Mitch McConnell Calls Syria Withdrawal ‘Grave Strategic Mistake’

    Says “America’s wars will be ‘endless’ only if America refuses to win them.”

    Yeah. Ain’t got the words. Just RCOB.

    1. I would remind Mitch that the peoples of the Middle East have been going at it hammer and tongs for the last two thousand or so years. The U.S. isn’t going to straighten things out in a couple of decades. Paraphrasing our bloghost, “Let the Middle East Sink.”

  5. My congressman, who *almost always* votes the way I want him to, was among the Republicans who voted for this – a bill which is essentially meaningless. I’m a little bit disappointed. I would have rather he voted the other way, but…

    What should I do? Vote for his Democrat opponent come 2020?

    No. Just NO!

    Perfect is the mortal enemy of good enough.

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