1. “I’ve been walking around the mall all day, and no one has even glanced at my pistol.”

  2. “Of course I’m sad. Kim barely posts pics like these anymore, much less the ones readers really want to see.”

  3. Wisely holding back on her deadlier weapons, Morticia aims her semi-lethalish widow-peak in this staged confrontation.

  4. As a card-carrying member of Delicious Submissives, Morticia has only one driving purpose == serving her master, protecting him, and as needed, giving her ‘all’ to keep him satisfied!

  5. Pretending a moment of coyness, Morticia, the eighth elf from the thrilling Sleeping Beauty saga, lures her target to her painful demise.

    That troll never knew what hit her!

  6. Seen here displaying her ‘triple-whammy’ == widow-peak, tiny heinie, and rack == Morticia ‘raises the bar’ on ‘reeling them in’!

  7. Still wondering about the effectiveness of her new form-fitting plate-carrier, Morticia nevertheless certainly enjoyed the ‘form-fitting’ sessions with the teams of technicians as they correctly mounted her new safety apparatus.

    But, now, a mere couple-three afternoons after those extraordinary series of delightful intensives, she is considering more ‘adjustments’ with those ‘capable’ fellows… and hoping they could bring ‘some’ friends!

  8. Morticia, quivering in anticipation! A soft caress of her delicate neck with their fingertips or the brutal crack of their whips across her tiny heinie, this submissive lives only to please her masters.
    [I’ll be in my bunk]

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