1. Obese pussies, especially the one on the right. What an embarrassment. The whole world is turning into a cheap comic book.

  2. Bubba demonstrates the proposed USMC silhouette target. Extra points for hits in the 10 ring at 500 yards.

  3. Penny and Peter Puller took first prize and the equinox potluck masquerade potluck festival when they dressed out in Penny’s latest design dressed as human pot-holders, not to be confused with those with more sense who are known to be in possession of marijuana but that’s another story.

  4. After Edit of above – I was sipping coffee instead of editing before posting.

    Penny and Peter Puller took first prize at the Equinox Potluck masquerade festival when they dressed out, in Penny’s latest design, as human pot-holders, not to be confused with those with more sense who are known to be in possession of marijuana but that’s another story.

  5. Surely, it is not by accident that the taller one’s groinial area was woven/knitted/crochet-ed/whatevered…

    So as to appear as a pussy.

    I won’t call it a “him”. But I think it’s beard is a “beard”. Quite possibly woven concurrently with the Doucheralls.

    Sunk New Dawn
    Galveston, TX

  6. Henry VIIII offered his adulterous wife Anne Bulging a blindfold on the way to the scaffold.
    Jolly good of him.

    1. I’ve never been that desperate in my life, and I pass out long before I get that drunk.

  7. After check-in at Oregon’s YarnFest 2019, Mabel and Fraser MacAlister donned their CrusaderCapes to join the other ‘security’ crew.

    Hopefully, after the troubles of last year (going on their permanent record…), this raucous bunch learned to ‘hold it down’, and the skills of the ‘crack’ security will be kept in-check!

  8. 1. Ok, maybe there are more than two genders.

    2. Two Millennials try to get the 10% discount at Chili’s by dressing as Afghan veterans.

    3. Putting the “comic” in Comic-Con.

  9. During Oregon’s TeaCozyFest 2019’s fast-paced ‘Utility’ contest, Mabel and Fraser MacAlister go ‘the extra step’, utilizing a fastidious ‘double-double perl-perl/perl’.

    The judges were floored by the inventiveness of the siblings, awarding the coveted Bronze Star With Oak-Leaf Cluster.

    Amid rumors of pay-offs and favoritism, the judges absconded en-mass… after pawning the first-place trophy. Tragically, this year’s scandal comes on the heels of last year’s allegations of sexual favors traded for front-row seats at the crowning of TeaCozy King-n-Queen 2018.

    Alert authorities are investigating.

  10. Seen here in just one of their many stunning portraits during Oregon’s AkimboFest 2019, twins Mabel and Fraser MacAlister jauntily pose ‘one for the fans’.

  11. Featuring a ‘slimming’ set of tasteful stripes for this year’s stunning MacAlister Collection, Mabel MacAlister hopes to encourage her many YarnBook followers to follow in her ‘needle-prints’ [lol].

    Also on YB, sibling Fraser MacAlister ‘sets the trend’ with a fan-tabulous ‘blocking target’ ensemble to complete the pair’s highly-anticipated 2019 offerings.

  12. At this year’s Motorcycling Expo 2019 fashion event, twins Mabel and Fraser MacAlister display the latest in foul-weather gear.

    Although the two are ‘tight-lipped’ about the components of their motorcycling line-up, speculation abounds about their secretive herds of ‘Kevlar’ sheep. And already, industry spies are ‘hot on their heels’ in this highly-competitive field!

  13. At this year’s TentPegFest 2019, Mabel MacAlister, last year’s TopPegger, poses next to her record-breaking TentPeg system.

    Included in this portrait is her brother Fraser MacAlister, also known for his ability to enjoy a good pegging!

  14. Evolving the ‘colored hanky in the pocket’ identification method of urban homosexuals, Fraser MacAlister models the ‘orangish yarn bow-tie on his left wrist’ announcement to the world of his enthusiasm for certain ‘activities’.

    But, I think most of us might be able to guess at that.
    Not that we would want to…

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