Hatin’ On The Feds

Wah wah wah the FedGov alphabet agencies, after despising us and treating ordinary citizens like criminals and scum for decades, are suddenly waking up to the fact that we hate them back, and they’re all butt-hurt about it:

Many arms of government are unpopular with large swathes of the American population, and people are not shy about expressing their contempt.
For those of us who want a smaller, much less intrusive government, that should be viewed as a trend to nurture and encourage. And what a trend it is.

Remember a few years back when Martha Stewart was tossed in jail for lying to a federal agent?  They’d tried for years to get her on tax evasion charges, and failed dismally.  So when they couldn’t get her for that, they lied to her about some information they claimed to have, and demanded a statement.  When she couldn’t remember the details and relied on faulty memory, they nailed her for it — and it was all because she was a high-profile target (which they love because it brings attention to their untiring efforts to keep the country safe [eyecross] ).  So the feds can lie to you, about anything, but get one detail wrong and they can bend you over the desk.  That’s why they don’t record interviews — unlike local police forces, which have to — which means that there’s no evidence that they lied or tried otherwise to entrap you.  (Which is why President Trump refused to be interviewed by the Robert Mueller Gestapo, by the way, when those assholes wouldn’t give him written questions to answer — hint:  paper trail.)

And of course, the feds, be they the FBI, IRS or any of the other alphabet soup minions can have it both ways if they don’t  want to prosecute, by asking softball or irrelevant questions of the accused, then just ignoring any which might have been incriminating.  Which is why Hillary “Illegal Private Email Server” Clinton isn’t wearing orange overalls as we speak.

Let’s not even mention  Ruby Ridge or Waco.

So yeah:  put me in the camp of those who don’t trust, believe or support most federal agencies… anymore.

And that’s the important point, here.  For years — decades — after I came over as an immigrant, I always thought that these agencies were on the side of the right, and that justice was their goal in protecting us from criminals.  Silly me, it isn’t.  As the past decade has proved, they’re little different from the criminal enterprises they purport to be saving us from.  When agents start talking about their targets’ families, and how their  job prospects or college careers could be affected by their parents’ culpability, all I’m reminded of is that infamous Cosa Nostra phrase:  “Nice little business you have here.  Pity if something bad were to happen to it.”

Government agencies have been acting increasingly like petty gauleiters  and thugs, and now they wonder why people loathe and distrust them?


  1. And when the rot spreads to DOD, starting with NSA and the various services’ investigative arms, we are well and truly fucked. Not even multi-fleshtoned bandaid packs will bind up those wounds. Right now, the uniform seems to enjoy some respect, but the higher you are the farther you’ll fall.

    1. Respect for the Armed Forces will evaporate (and justifiably so) on the day they are deployed to disarm citizens — not that I expect any of our kids to obey so un-Constitutional an order, that is.

  2. I recently watched the mini documentary “The Legend of Cocaine Island”

    I was going to blow it off, but it sucked me in for the entire thing. Subject matter and self sabotage aside, you end up finding out who the real bad guys are. Spoiler alert : its the feds. The way they non chalantly talk about how they screwed this guys entire life up and high five one another tells you all you need to know about our alphabets. Think of the massive tax dollars spent to entrap this guy, all the while letting the snitch/thug get out of jail time. RCOB. I used to be so patriotic when it came to our protectors. Color me a hang them all fan today

  3. It’s time to bring back the spoils system. Seriously, they need to remember that they work for us and will be on the street if they make enough of us unhappy.

  4. “Seriously, they need to remember that they work for us and will be on the street if they make enough of us unhappy.”

    Not true, and probably never was. They get in place, and as long as they suck the correct dik, are there for life. And YOU don’t matter. The gov’t, now, is a bloated out of control beast that is consuming all it encounters. As long as the “free money” is available it will continue to grow and consume. When the free money stops it will die on the vine. Stay out of it’s way as it stumbles drunkenly about.

    1. You obviously haven’t studied-up on what Th e Spoils System is, or how it worked.
      All Federal Employees worked at the pleasure of the President, or those who he delegated job slots to. All of those employees were subject to dismissal when a new administration walked through the – door. Even mail-carriers had to pay fealty to some minion to keep their jobs – usually the Postmaster who was appointed upon the recommendation of the local Congressman. Senators of the President’s party got the juiciest jobs to hand out – like US Attorney’s – and no one in power gave a damn what a Senator of the opposing party thought on the matter.

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