As You Were

Oh, how nice:

There is no reason to cut back on red meat for health reasons, according to a controversial claim by a group of leading scientists.
Researchers in Canada, Spain and Poland have cast a shadow over eating advice adopted by health organisations around the world.
In a landmark paper, the academics analysed past studies of how eating meat affected the health of more than four million people.
They found no evidence that eating beef, pork and lamb could increase the rates of heart disease, cancer, stroke or type 2 diabetes – despite fears.
And the team also said they found nothing strong enough to signal that people should cut down on red meat, adding that the quality of evidence was too low for findings to be concerning.

And here’s where you can almost taste the tears:

The medical community is torn over the research, describing it as ‘very good quality’ but hesitating to agree with stop telling people to cut back on meat.

Yeah, they’re so stuck on stupid, and they believe in  their own bullshit so strongly that when someone points out they’ve been wrong all this time, all they can say is, “We can’t refute this data — but we’re still  not going to allow people to eat meat because we’d look like a right bunch of idiots.”

Even though they are.

Never mind;  next week there’ll be an even greater-quality study which says, “Oh no no no eating meat is doubleplusungood for you, promise!”  and the International Vegan Set will be able to continue with their religion as before, smug in the knowledge that Meat Kills.

Until the study after  that one.

Me, having had a tasty lamb vindaloo for dinner last night and a piece of boerewors for breakfast, I’m debating whether to go Full Carnivore tonight:

with the usual accompaniment:

…or else just have a light snack:

…with a couple-three snorts of this:

Mind you, I would have been thinking about doing all this anyway, because as Longtime Readers know full well, I don’t believe anything  that so-called “health science” tells us anymore.


  1. I read these reports as amusement only as I keep in mind that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States after heart disease and cancer.

  2. The New York Times has a version of the same story, and the comments are full of people who are either in denial about it, or who insist on doing away with meat for “environmental” reasons. You can almost taste the desperate tears.

  3. Oh sure, “meat won’t kill you” but-but-but “Carbon Footprint for producing it!!”

    “You’re killing our grandkids you selfish bastard!”

    Fuck it; something’s gonna kill me, it might as well be something I like.

  4. It’s crazy that the individuals of the oil, fracking, and cattle industries don’t— apparently don’t— realize we’re at war—with internal, enemies domestic. (They’re coming for your livelihoods—boys and girls!) You would think there’d be massive industry fundraising from these guys and gals—and (voter) mobilization! There should be Trump Keep America Great banners hanging from every field truck, oil derrick, and cattle ranches’ entranceway and fencing. In a word I’ve come to love, there should be massive “pushback”!

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