It began, as so many of these things do, with the French, over two centuries ago.  Now we have this:

UK workers are sabotaging and assaulting workplace robots in an attempt to stop them taking their jobs, finds study.

But for some manual workers they have found their own ways of stopping the robots’ rise to world domination – by confusing them.

I predict that this is going to become more, not less common.

“But why, Kim,” you may ask, “is this happening at all?  Aren’t robots / A.I. / Smart Stuff going to be the Way Of The Future?

Here’s a hint:

The report also predicted 20 million people will have been replaced by the machines in the work place by 2030.

That’s just in Britishland.  And let’s not hear the tired old “buggy-whip maker” argument again.  With the trend which is taking place, robots and A.I. will soon have the capacity to take over jobs which may now seem intrinsically human, but aren’t, e.g.:

A backlash is not at all out of the question.


  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but hasn’t “Aren’t robots / A.I. / Smart Stuff ” traditionally resulted in a superior end product?
    I’m especially intrigued by the case the item used as an illustration. After all why would there be a market for such an item unless the originals have made the item more desirable? (Today’s feminists for example.)

  2. Robots replace workers due to repeatable higher volume operations, lower operating costs, lower amounts of downtime, no decline in performance with age. easily swapped for a newer model.

    All the above seem to be top selling points for the item used as an illustration.

    1. That’s what I was trying to say, but you said it better. Except in my case, the “higher volume operations” isn’t really a factor.

  3. Your picture of the ‘babe in the box’ is timely in the little State of South Australia.
    One of our “conservative” politicians got a law through Parliament to ban the sale of sex dolls that have an under-age look.
    Is this a return to censorship? Not that I have a problem with censorship per se – there are just some things that immature minds ought not see – but I recall the progressives being up-in-arms about evil censors, and the cries of we have the right to do see or read whatever we like.
    Oh well, it is their problem now. But one is led to the conclusion that the anti-censorship people of 50 years ago were wrong then: and still they have not matured.

  4. I own a small manufacturing business. No one wants to work a clean, easy, unskilled job that starts at $12 hourly here.

    Can’t wait for the day I have everything possible automated and don’t need those unreliable slobs.

    Fuckem’ all. I’d rather have a handfull of higher paid higher skill guys than a dozen retards that show up when they feel like it.

    1. > I own a small manufacturing business. No one wants to work a clean, easy, unskilled job that starts at $12 hourly here.

      How much does it cost to live where you are? Or, is it profitable for them to work for you at that rate?

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