Serious Question

Is it just me, or is every Socialist / Democrat 2020 candidates’ debate just turning into a competition to see who can go “fullest” Communist?

“We need to register all assault rifles and their owners!”
“No, we’re going to restrict sales of AR-15 assault rifles!”
“No, we’ll make them all illegal!”
“No,we’ll go from door to door and forcibly confiscate them!”
“No,we’ll summarily execute anyone who even owns one!”

(That last one hasn’t actually been said yet, but there are still several more debates to come.)

“We’re going to limit the salaries of corporate executives!”
“No, we’re going to tax corporations at 95%!”
“No, we’re going to confiscate the retirement funds of the wealthy!”
“No, we’re going to tax net wealth as well as income!”
“No, we’re going to abolish capitalism altogether!”

Or there’s the usual climate bullshit:

“We need to close all coal-burning power stations!”
“We need to convert the nation to electric cars and public transport!”
“We need to abolish private transportation altogether!”
“We need to use solar- and wind-power exclusively to generate electricity!”


“There are too many people in our jails!”
“We need to release all non-violent felons!”
“We need to release a whole bunch of Black felons so that the prison population can better resemble the racial profile of the nation!”

(No doubt, the empty jail cells would soon be filled with former owners of AR-15s and AK-47s, which would suit these assholes just fine.)

As for medical (“health”) care:

“We need to reinstate ObamaCare!”
“No, we need to make health care free to everybody who can’t afford it, including illegal immigrants undocumented visitors!”
“No, we need to abolish private medical insurance altogether!”
“No, we need to copy Britain’s National Health Service and offer free medical care to anyone who comes here!”

“We should open our borders to anyone who feels in the slightest bit oppressed in their home country!”
“We should open our borders to anyone who is poor in their home country!”
“Everyone in the world has a right to come to the United States!”

I could go on, but I think you get my drift.  No policy is too stupid, or costly, or oppressive, or unworkable that it hasn’t been enthusiastically accepted, supported and made still more  stupid, costly and oppressive by the inhabitants of the Clown Car.

An intelligent person has to be appalled at the thought of any of these ineffectual dilettantes becoming POTUS and sitting down to negotiate with the feral Communists of China, the fanatical Muslims of the Middle East or even the “soft” socialists of Europe.  Like has-been POTUS Urkel, they will probably espouse the failed diplomatic policy of America as the problem, not the solution;  and none of them will be interested in getting tough with our overseas competitors and enemies.

From their stated positions, however, it is clear that they are quite prepared to get tough with Americans.


  1. Everyone I know has both a mouth and an anus. We all employ the tissue surrounding these apertures before actually putting them to use. Wisdom, even music (Joseph Pujol), has been known to emanate from both. However, the Democrats seem intent on proving that they can spout great wisdom mostly from the nether end .

  2. We really need to address the growing threat posed by slot- and phillips-head screws. They all should be replaced by hex-head devices. Scredrivers simply are too dangerous to be available to the general public. If it saves just one life…
    And do you realize how easy it is to stick your finger into an electric light socket? We need to…


    1. And will they address the torx and hex drive loopholes! What about the rarely-seen tri-tip screwdriver?

  3. want to visit the USA again, but not sure I’d not say something that gets me on the wrong side of a TSA goon and get myself locked up without the chance to even call a lawyer…
    And it’d need to be before January 2021 because the insanity will make the country an utterly unsafe place to be for people who have a shred of sanity.

  4. This is exactly what I see in managers who don’t understand that there is a difference between just agreeing to everything and actually getting things done. When you get a group of managers who don’t understand what it takes to get things done and when those managers are all bucking for promotion, scope creep is as inevitable as the dawn or the tides.

    This is just the political version of that. They’re all horrible managers bucking for the same job.

  5. The blueprint:

    1. Radical intellectuals set the agenda for a policy area
    2. The “Progressives” in regulatory agencies push the agenda and the “nutcases” in Congress call for laws.
    3. The “moderates” in Congress nod wisely and pass less extreme laws; this “compromise” gets bipartisan support and the agenda becomes accepted as a good idea. Since the underlying premises are insane, the laws fail to accomplish the putative goal. This is regarded as “proof” that a moderate approach is insufficient.
    4. Repeat as necessary

    If you narrowly lose an election at any level or a vote in Congress on any issue, attack the Constitution as unjust. With enough intellectual support, this becomes a new policy initiative.

    For example, see the cover story in the October issue of Harper’s Magazine: “DO WE NEED THE CONSTITUTION?”

  6. The differences with these people are irreconcilable. The National Divorce is the only peaceful solution.

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