Whole Lotta Ifs

Stay with me on this one.

If I were many years younger, and if I were not married, and if I lived in Colorado;  and if this woman wasn’t already married, and if I happened to meet her, and if she wasn’t utterly repulsed by me to the point of shooting my fat ass — if all that, then I’d give her a big kiss on the cheek.

Which woman?  This one.

And I bet I’m not the only man who thinks this.


  1. Nice hill to die upon…

    But, for Blutto? Dude couldn’t even pass a background check to buy a gun, with his record, so the flyweight is taking his tantrum out on those of us who can.

    Typical leftist – utterly afraid that someone, somewhere, is living happy, and needs none of his virtue posturing.

  2. Any one of the four would work. Her, she should never have to buy anything again.

    And as far as Beto goes, it was not bad enough they kicked him out Texas and now the rest us have to put up with his entitled nonsense.

  3. Hell, Kim, she looks like a classy lady; she might not object to a polite, chaste kiss on the cheek. Ask first, though 🙂

    1. That idiot is lucky the cop thought a punch in the face was enough. He could have been shot for messing with a cop’s weapon.

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