Simple Lesson

By now, everyone should be familiar with has-been-Congressman Butt-Boy O’Rourke’s promise to take away our AR-15s and AK-47s at the Socialist Clown Car Debate the other night.

Needless to say, that provoked a response from firebrand Texas State Rep. Briscoe Cain, who tweeted “My AR is ready for you Robert Francis” (echoing the sentiments of probably every AR- and AK owner in the Lone Star State).

Whereupon Beta-Boy crawled into a fetal position and whimpered, “Anytime you have somebody threatening to use violence against somebody in this country to resolve a political issue, really for any reason, that’s a matter for law enforcement!” then promptly reported Cain to the Fibbies.


There are two lessons to be drawn from this.  The first lesson is that Commiesymps like Skateboard Jesus are always going to use the KGB cops to do their dirty work for them — whether it’s “investigating a threat” (LOL) or confiscating guns from the populace.  (We already knew that, but the lesson bears repeating.)

The second lesson, though, is for ex-Congressman Fake O’Hispanic and his ilk:

When you threaten gun confiscation — that is, having the police forcibly disarm citizens — then YOU are the ones threatening violence.

And provoking violence, as we all know, often begets violence in return.  At least after all this, nobody can say that the socialists haven’t been warned.

As have we.


  1. Well of course it was a death threat. While many (ovine) Americans will obey a ridiculous order to surrender their firearms en masse, some won’t. And some of the agents who would be sent to enforce those odious laws won’t be coming home after their shift. (I’m not advocating violence here, I’m only foreseeing it.) I’m just astonished that of all the candidates, it was Seamus Pendejo who figured it out, and he didn’t even require crayons or finger puppets.

    1. >And some of the agents who would be sent to enforce those odious laws won’t be coming home after their shift.

      It’ll be the price they pay for following illegal orders. That penalty for that crime was settled back in 1945.

  2. Not a threat, you second rate little faggot, but a promise.

    Thanks for signing your name to the accountability roster voluntarily. Absolved.

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