Politics As Advertising

No, this isn’t about political ads — may a pox be upon all of them.  This post by Aaron Clarey examines why Corporate America has turned into a collection of fucking scolds, despite all the marketing precepts that define marketing stupidity as injecting politics into your corporate ethos.  Here’s a brief excerpt:

But now corporations sermonizing the rest of the world about leftist politics has gone viral. And it behooves the question why. Why would corporations take such a risk? Why would corporations be so foolish? And you can call me an ole fuddy duddy, by why are corporations so arrogant and rude? How dare you assholes lecture me about anything outside the purchase of your product or service, you smug, cocky, arrogant assholes?

And then he answers all that in the rest of the post.  Read it all;  it’s worth it, despite its horrible conclusion.

Then go and smash your head against the wall, like I did.


  1. Clarey’s post brought some clarity when I read it last week. Unfortunately. Unless there is a major reset in which a whole bunch of people are eliminated the future seems doomed. What else can you say about a country being repopulated by millions of idiots?

  2. I’m not so sure. How much did Gillette lose over that stupid male-bashing commercial? (Quick internet search). Five Billion dollars….with a B, for the QUARTER. Doesn’t seem like marketing razors to millenials worked, and that’s only one example of many.

    And the CEO said it was worth it, they’re upsetting a “small minority” in order for the larger population to “fall deeply in love” with the product. Got news for you, if people decided NOT to buy five billion dollars worth of razors in a quarter, you didn’t just piss off a small number of people.

    Mark D

    1. Was never more happy to not be a customer of Gillette than when I saw that ad. I traded my aging electric for a more traditional wet shave (brush, safety razor, etc.) and never looked back.

  3. My rule of thumb is “If a company doesn’t want my money, I’m more than happy to give it to a competitor.”

  4. I’m a Millennial, born in 1984.

    One of my favorite ways to entertain myself is loudly agreeing with my cohort that Orange Man Bad, and then even more loudly proclaiming that I feel that way because he’s not conservative enough.

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