1. One of the things I hate about the immigration mess and refugee scam is the complete dishonesty of the government and media about simple statistics. None of us have any real idea about how big the problem of violence and crime from these newcomers is.

    I’m guessing it’s big, but not as big as our worst fears suggest.

    Even so, western civ is in trouble, big trouble, and as usual it’s of our own making. Civilizations only get invaded when their internal rot makes them too stupid, ignorant and morally weak to resist invasion, or even to welcome invaders.

  2. In an earlier time, when England was populated by men, those two would be spending the rest of their time in the UK hanging from a lamp-post on the Tower Bridge.

  3. I’ll be glad to make a comment.

    How can we make our legal/illegal immigration problem even worse? By allowing moslims to emigrate here. It’s other world madness to let them anywhere near this country. From FGM to honor killings to you fookin name it, islam is flat out incompatible with out culture.

    Scum like these two have been raised in a culture totally alien to ours. They have no place here.

    Japan has the right approach to islam. No moslims allowed(well hardly any), Japan is a nation of roughly 126 million people. And yet there are only 10,000 moslims in the entire country. This represents less than one hundredth of one percent. (Other estimates are higher, but none suggest a number above 100,000.) moslim immigration is officially and culturally discouraged, and a Japanese woman who marries a moslim man becomes a social outcast.

    Only a couple mosques in the whole country. No public displays of islam allowed. Do you think you will ever see moslims blocking a public street in Japan with their self righteous praying?

    Compare that to the lunacy in France as the moslim population nears 10%. The simple fact is moslims aren’t committing terrorism in Japan because there aren’t many there.

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