Comeback Of The Year

Longtime Friend And One-Time Bandmate Knob owns a BMW i3 because he lives in Monaco (ergo  no long distances to drive) and in Monaco, recharges are free at the city-supplied charging stations if you have Monaco license plates (ergo  free electricity AND a free parking place — the latter not found anywhere else in Monaco).

So of course I had to send this this email:

…whereupon he responded:

I LOL’d.


  1. If you really wanted to be green, that outlet should be connected to a nuclear power plant.

    Then you could use the BMW to force Actinide waste to fuse back into U235 or Plutonium.

  2. At least that’s diesel. It could be like so many Priuses (Prii?) in the Golden State, ultimately powered by coal.
    Less the losses of generation and transmission over High Voltage wires and conversion to DC at whatever voltage the battery is rated for.
    An added benefit is to be able to strut around and virtue signal for being so much greener than the drivers of the big SUVs.

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