Go Boris!

When I saw this sentence from BritPM Boris Johnson, my heart sank:

You can’t just arrest your way out of a problem.

Then he redeemed himself:

It certainly helps, but it is only part of the answer. You need to tackle all the causes and incentives that are encouraging the criminal mentality, and that means first of all exploding any sense that the law is weak, or that criminals can get away with it. When the police catch a violent criminal, it is vital they get the sentence they deserve.
At present, there are too many serious violent or sexual offenders who are coming out of prison long before they should.
In the past five years, we have seen literally hundreds of convicted rapists who have come out of prison commit another sexual offence. There are thousands of ‘super prolifics’ – criminals with more than 50 convictions to their name – who are being spared jail altogether.
This cannot go on. I am afraid that as a society we have no choice but to insist on tougher sentencing laws for serious sexual and violent offenders, and for those who carry knives.
Our first duty is to protect the public in the most basic way – and that means taking such people off the streets.

[pause to let the applause and cheering die down]

Of course, policies like “stop and search” are going to cause palpitations amongst the liberals and criminal-symps [lots of overlap], but the plain fact is that when the police can do their job — i.e. try to prevent crime before it happens — and the justice system is allowed to work — i.e. impose jail sentences that keep criminals off the streets — society as a whole improves.

Just ask the denizens of NYFC when Mayor Giuliani and Police Chief Bratton did just that, back in the late 1990s and early 2000s.  And if it made it worked there, it can make it work anywhere.

And to let the BritPM have the last word:

Yes, in the short term it will mean more pressure on our jails, and that is why today I am also announcing that we are creating another 10,000 spaces in our prisons. The Chancellor, Sajid Javid, has agreed to invest up to £2.5 billion to deliver this commitment.

Get going, Boris.


  1. “we have no choice but to insist on tougher sentencing laws for […] those who carry knives.”

    You can fuck right off, Boris.

  2. You also need to address the reasons people turn to crime in the first place beyond the weak criminal justice system and ineffective police.
    And a big part of that is uncontrolled migration, especially from muhammedan nations, into the country.
    It’s an utter lack of respect for the property of others among far too large a percentage of the British population, the idea that if you want something you can just take it because the person owning it right now is just an infidel.

  3. “…try to prevent crime before it happens…”

    Oh dear.
    Yes, by all means, give gov’t thugs free reign to harass everybody as they see fit.
    Going to Zillow right now to search for a property that is even further away from the insanity of society.

  4. The place where Great Britain used to be is beyond redemption in making honest citizens helpless. BoJo was elected to do something else, so I won’t hold this against him. But praising hardcore gun controller Giuliani is a place I won’t go ever.

  5. Arrests are an important first step.
    You can’t only arrest your way out of the problem, or you find that, as in the former DDR (aka East Germany), everyone is working for the State Secret Police, and not enough people are making things.
    But as any sailor will tell you, you stupid leftists who always bring this objection up, when you are sinking, bail faster, THEN patch the boat.

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