Longtime Readers are no doubt getting tired of me griping about the sameness of modern automobiles.  Yet the other day I found myself looking at a pic of the new Corvette C8 — which, I have to admit, I don’t hate too  much  — and asking myself:  “Where have I seen this before?”


Then it came to me:


That’s the Ferrari 458, and although the rear is different, the front isn’t, much.

I’m not into “supercars”, really, but I have to think that if someone asked me to pick one (ignoring the investment differential vis-a-vis the Ferrari), I’d probably refuse both.  Which begs the question:  “Okay, Kim… so which modern supercar of today would you pick?”

Only because I find it the least ugly of all of them, the Aston Martin DB11:


…although, as I stated earlier on these pages, I’d rather not have any  supercar, but a simple sports car, the 2015 Jaguar XK:


I saw one as it burbled past me the other day in Plano’s Legacy West area, and I was filled with an unreasonable hatred towards its owner.  And I’m not even an envious socialist.


  1. The repossession folks up the street had a 2012 Nissan 350Z.

    Nice looking, so I sat in it… and took a couple-three minutes to dig out. Cripes, the seat is lower than the sill, the sill is lower than the tires.

    If I parked next to an 8″ curb, I’d need to crawl out the sunroof!

  2. Yeah, I’m too old for this low-slung nonsense. Which is why I like my Tiguan: step in, step out.

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