Giving In To The Commies

Dear President Trump,

“Doing something about guns” according to the wishes of the media would be an even grosser betrayal of your 2016 supporters than not building a wall along the southern border has been.

We all — even the media — know that “doing something” in this regard means, in essence, increasing control over law-abiding gun owners which will do nothing to solve crime of any sort.

I, and most gun owners who voted for you back in 2016, know that your efforts to build a wall were undercut by the Establishment Republicans and Democrats in Congress.  More ineffectual gun control legislation and the concomitant assaults on our Constitutional rights, however, will place at risk not only your chances of reelection in 2020, it will place the electoral success of the Republican senators and House legislators in a similar situation.

We are not fooled, and we will not be fooled, by the current demands to “do something”.  Try to convince us that you won’t be fooled either.

And yes, this is a warning.


Kim du Toit


  1. “It’s better to die upon your feet than to live upon your knees!”
    – E. Zapata

  2. My attitude is somewhat different. I like the Donald well enough but even if I utterly loathed him I wouldn’t be any more inclined to vote for a Democrat. Any Democrat, period. Regardless of what Trump does or doesn’t do, I want to keep those leftist loons as far away from the levers of power as possible.

  3. Maybe he will come to his senses.

    With the Democrats we know we need to get ready for WWIII but with Donnie there still might be a chance to turn the bus around.

  4. Crap like this is why people stay away from the voting booth altogether.

    330+ Million people having access to firearms have not murdered another human being but as we all know mass punishment of the innocent always works.

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