Let ‘Em Die

Here’s some new foolishness.  Apparently, vegetarians and of course Muslims are getting pissed off because a flu vaccine contains trace amounts of… wait for it… pork gelatin.

Next month, every healthy child between two and 10 in England will be offered Fluenz Tetra to increase herd immunity.
Muslim parents are reportedly refusing to allow their children to have a nasal flu vaccine because the treatment is not halal.
Concerns were first raised over the spray – Fluenz Tetra – containing pork gelatine last year, but the issue has been highlighted again ahead of a new nationwide drive.
At the time, the Vegetarian Society branded the use of the ingredient in three vaccines as ‘disappointing’, while the Muslim Council of Britain said the spray would only be permitted if there was no alternative and lives were at risk.

So don’t give it to them, and if kids die from it, c’est la vie — or rather, c’est la mort.  (And by the way, I haven’t heard from Orthodox Jews, but the same applies.)

I am so sick of the general population being placed at risk because of a minority’s baseless fucking superstitions.  Children often get sick from flu, but the people most at risk from deadly influenza are the elderly, for whom flu vaccines may actually be harmful — hence the government’s efforts to inoculate the little pox factories so as to prevent the spread of infection in the population at large.

Here’s my (totally impractical) suggestion:  after the inoculations have taken place, if any elderly person dies of the flu, find a random family of refuseniks and fine them $50,000, proceeds paid to the surviving family members of the deceased.  And I don’t care whether the refuseniks are Muslims, Orthodox Jews, vegetarians or Hollywood-type trendies like Gwyneth Paltrow.  These medical Luddites need to face the consequences of their decisions, and the sooner the better.


  1. Why wait for them to die? Declare vaccination a legal requirement for being allowed to attend school. School is a legal requirement in the UK (home schooling is illegal there).
    And set a 50.000 pound per day fine for skipping school.

  2. “… because the treatment is not halal.”

    So let the various national health agencies request bids from the leading pharmaceutical manufacturers of Afghanistan, Libya, and Bangladesh. Better than a Host consecrated by the Pope.

  3. re:
    vax, anti-vax, vax vax vax to your heart’s content

    Who is willing to give odds nobody thought of this potential downside… but went ahead anyway?

    Researchers determine vaccine-indoctrinated mammals ‘shed’ the virus or bacteria for months, infecting anybody breathing your exhale, sneezing and coughing not required:


  4. If the goal is herd immunity, a substantial population of refuseniks is going to put a spanner in the works.

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