Enter Boris

I’ve always liked Boris Johnson — yeah, maybe it’s the Old Boy thing (Eton College was the “brother” school to St. John’s) — but what I like most of all is the predictable way the U.K. Left has responded to his accession to Number 10 Downing Street:


Just note that underneath Johnson’s jovial, stammering, Hooray-Henry exterior, there’s some serious intellect going on.  (See here where he talks about Winston Churchill’s oratory.)  In other words, he’s the complete opposite of ex-U.S. President (Half-)Black Jesus, underneath whose smooth and urbane exterior… not much was going on.

And if PM Boris can’t get Britishland out of the horrible European Union, the Brits deserve to get everything that happens to them.

Go Boris!



  1. I was thinking the Leftist media had a more hair-on-fire reaction, but smoke from the ears is good, too, although that insinuates there’s something under their hats besides hair. Maybe it’s their black hearts that are on fire.

  2. I met him at a fund raiser my wife took me to, there’s some serious brain power going on in there.

    1. There is no excuse for looking like that unless you have Uncombable Hair (a real thing) or you’re an attention whore (also a real thing).

  3. Being born in NYC he actually held dual citizenship until the IRS began hounding him. On that note, let’s give him a few years to complete Brexit and then….BORIS 2024!!!!!! He can explode heads and fill diapers on both sides of the pond.

    1. Interesting thought. He would be simultaneously natural-born AND naturalized.
      And we thought Bozo’s Birth Certificate inspired gibberish from the Left.

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