Robbing Peter To Pay Someone Else (TBD)

Now that the dust has settled from the first of the Clown Car Debates featuring the complete (so far) slate of Socialist presidential candidates for 2020, one fact has emerged:  the Socialists want to give everything away:  education, health care, cash, transport, forty acres and a mule… I think I got it all.

To which everyone with an IQ higher than the average refrigerator setting will be asking, “But how are they going to pay for all this free stuff?”

As always, one looks across the Pond for inspiration because the entrenched socialists Over There are full of “new” ideas.  Here’s one:

The Shadow Chancellor said he was interested in replacing the current levy with a ‘lifetime gifts tax’ on cash or homes given to children.
He claimed the plan, which the Tories say would affect 10 million households, could ensure ‘wealth is more fairly distributed’. At present, the inheritance tax threshold is £475,000, or £950,000 for couples. Only 640,000 households end up paying the tax each year.
But a lifetime gifts tax (LGT) would see each child paying tax on everything their parents gave them – either during their lives or after their deaths – above £125,000. The two children in a typical family would, therefore, only be able to inherit an estate worth £250,000 tax-free.
Once an individual exceeds the threshold, any further gifts would be taxed annually at income tax rates.

And if you think our home-grown Marxists wouldn’t consider a scheme like this, think again.

And as Thomas Sowell (PBUH) just turned 89 over the past weekend, what better reason to post this:

When non-sequiturs become policy, you’ll find a Marxist.


  1. The major problem with all the lefties of whatever stamp, is that they are all, (yes all of them), State Controlists. If they just wanted to keep their stupidity to themselves and their families, no one would care, apart from feeling sorry for their children. They don’t want that, they want control of everyone and everything so that we can all knock our brains out for them, doing as we’re instructed, (in the name of helping us), while they live off the fat of the state sponsored land. While it lasts.

  2. I long ago concluded that Socialists are either stupid, crazy or evil.

    Stupid: Can’t math. They shout Tax the Rich! If you took every penny over (insert whatever threshold you wish, they usually about $100K) from everyone in the country, it would run the government for a year. And of course crash the economy, people would stop working (why break my back working when you’re going to take it from me?) etc.

    Crazy: Point out all the times Socialism has failed miserably (even with the current example of Venezuela). Oh, THIS time it’ll work! Einsteins definition of insanity, doing the same thing and expecting different results.

    Evil: They know all the above, but they personally expect to be the ones in charge. To the extent people are sent to the gulags they expect to be the ones sending them. To the extent basic necessities are rationed, they expect to be the ones doing the rationing (and skimming their share off beforehand).

    1. ” Socialists are either stupid, crazy or evil”

      Embrace the power of “and”.

    2. The problem, Mark, is that you are using logic to solve an emotional problem. Can’t happen. The communists aren’t trying to solve economics issues. They are trying to perpetuate emotional human condition. By promising large groups of people they are wanting to help them by giving them things it gains them favor at the voting booths.

      Believe it or not there are people out there that simply have no life ambition, they are content to sit on their lazy asses and wait for hand-outs or commit crimes. The number of those people increases each day and the communists do all they can to increase them even further. The whole genre, the communists in charge and the lazy asses that favor them are “Trash People” and they are dragging this country down. Way down.

      The american communists are not concerned with silly things like math or how to pay for their thefts. And they don’t care about gov’t debt, after all, the gov’t has been in debt to one degree or another since before the Louisiana Purchase and it still keeps motoring on. Both sides of the aisle and about half of the entire adult citizenry are committed to driving the formerly good ship USS America full steam until it crashes on the beach. Sane people should see this massive criminal entity, the USgovt, for it really is and live their lives accordingly. If you depend on the USG for anything at all in less time than you might imagine you will be severely punished for your error. Be a strong, intelligent, self sufficient American patriot rather than a weak, simple minded, dependent communist drone headed for the gulag.

      1. I’d agree that there’s no logic or reason in the first two categories (stupid and/or crazy), they make up the Useful Idiots. The Evil, however, know exactly what they’re doing. They’re making themselves an omelet, and they’re all about breaking as many eggs as need be to do so.

        I personally think The Gulag Archipelago ought to be required reading in High School. One of the most memorable passages to me was when Solzhenitsyn describes people cowering in their homes, hearing the secret police come into their apartment building to arrest someone and hoping that it’s one of their neighbors and not them (this time). I decided then and there that that’s not happening on my watch, the secret police ever come around my area, whether they’re coming for me or not, they’re not all going home safe at the end of their shift.

        The problem we run into too, is that if you’re shiftless and worthless, the gov offers you everything you need. If you’re capable and industrious and garner enough to fend for yourself, it’s unfair that you have that and someone else doesn’t, so therefore what you have must be distributed. I’m reminded of some years back when Then-President Obama suggested a one-time 20% (or so) tax on 401K plans, because it “wasn’t fair” that some people have retirement savings and others don’t. Notably, he DIDN’T suggest taxing union pensions, only plans where people actually put their own money in to save for the future. As someone whose retirement revolves around my 401K plan I resent that, I put a percentage of my annual income into it every year for the last 20+. I did without trips, cars, etc for the sake of being able to retire someday, and you want to take that from me and give it to someone who couldn’t be assed to do what I did? I don’t f*cking think so.

        Sorry for the rant, some things give me a hair caught crosswise in my a$$hole.

        1. I don’t disagree with anything you wrote. I believe this country is now at the point where the only solution is mass elimination of people. It will be terrible for everybody and the best thing the smart people can do is try to stay out of the way.

        2. Rants are always welcome at this website, especially when directed at Commies.

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