Just when you thought commercial flying couldn’t possibly get any worse, comes this news:

JetBlue ditches Coca-Cola from its flights in favor of rival drink Pepsi

Now I have not a single dog in this fight as a.) I don’t fly JetBlue and b.) I last drank a Coca-Cola on an airliner during (I think) Ronald Reagan’s first term.  Nevertheless, from what I can remember of the taste of Pepsi-Cola (circa 1969), I can quite understand why people are getting upset.  Somebody at JetBlue was either not thinking, or else had his kids’ college tuition fees “subsidized”, if you get my drift.

Besides, I’m told that “Jack & Pepsi” sounds silly and tastes worse — and lemme tell y’all, nobody  wants to piss off Jack Daniels drinkers.  Especially at 27,000 ft.


  1. Pepsi is just nasty…I work at A&M, and Pepsi has the soda contract for campus. It sucks, hugely.

    Granted, price being equal, I prefer RC, but Coke is a totally acceptable substitute.

  2. It has been my observation, that liberals drink Pepsi and conservatives drink Coke. Anyone else seeing this?

    1. I know that Coke drinkers tend to be more conservative, and more loyal, than drinkers of other sodas — hence the anger when they tried to substitute “New Coke” for classic Coca-Cola.
      It’s a textbook study on why you shouldn’t fuck with an established brand.

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