Major Affront, Meet Corporal Punishment

I think what pisses me off most about modern-day “petty” crime is not the robbery of cell phones from people’s hands, or the theft of cars for the sake of a “joyride”, or even the painting of graffiti on walls — although each one in its own way renders me irritated beyond belief.  Try these “petty” crimes, however, and see how they make you feel:

Arsonists destroy 250-year-old oak tree that has stood since George II was on the throne

Hunt for yobs who vandalised model town and brutally kicked a cat in the head as they made their escape

Mindless vandals wreck a charity model railway show

Correction to that last piece:  they’re not mindless;  they’re amoral, antisocial and spiteful, and their vile actions are those of childish anarchists.

Unlike a lot of people (especially on this website), I don’t think these little shits should go to prison for these crimes — although there’s a lot to be said for taking them out of society for a while.

What’s needed here is for these childish hooligans to be treated like children — but not in the modern manner of making them sit in the Penalty Corner or “grounding” them (whatever that means).

Prison’s too much punishment, they (usually) have no money to pay restitution, and “community service” is a fucking joke when by their actions they have demonstrated that they have no ties to the community whatsoever.

No.  We need to bring back flogging, because that ancient punishment is precisely what these kinds of actions call for.  We need to catch these assholes, make sure they’re guilty (of course), and then immediately  after sentencing lead them off to a punishment cell where they can be given ten lashes with a heavy cane.  (And for the feministicals:  female miscreants of this nature, although much rarer than their male counterparts, should get the same punishment, except with a light  cane.  Feel free to insist on equality for the womyns, however;  I’m not feeling too charitable at the moment.)

I know, corporal punishment is supposed to be barbaric and all that.  Remember, though, that the reason that these horrible people are called “vandals” is because their behavior is of a kind with the ancient and barbaric tribe named Vandals — and we should punish them accordingly.

The hell with them.


  1. “…have no money to pay restitution…”

    According to Black’s Law Dictionary the primary purpose of justice is “to make the victim whole”, which the current system does not.

    In all criminal cases a monetary amount can be assigned, consult insurance companies for reference, and then the IRS can squeeze blood out of that turnip as they are masters at it.

    A shitstain steals something from you that the insurance company says has a value of $1000. The IRS seizes the shitstain, incarcerates it, and tells it that it must pay you $1000 that it can work off by breaking big rocks with a hammer. If the shitstain refuses all of it’s garments are removed and it will have a steel collar secured around it’s neck and it will be staked in the middle of a fenced dirt courtyard with no water or food or shelter until such time that it decides to accept it’s penalty. After the shitstain pays for it’s penalty it will be released out into the public without prejudice.

    For those stubborn examples their dead bodies will be donated to science.

    If this happened consistently crime of all types would plummet and millions of gov’t parasites would be forced to seek honest employment and as we all know more honest people is always a good thing.

  2. The problem is that the corporal punishment wasn’t administered to them as children, therefore they grow up as amoral adults.

    When I was a kid spanking was a standard punishment. Hell, when I was in grade school the PRINCIPAL had a paddle. Miscreants had their parents notified, who no doubt applied their OWN correctives that evening. Then the next morning the youngster would be up on the stage in the auditorium (where we gathered before class started) before the entire student body, assume the position with hands on knees, and have the paddle applied to their (likely still tender from the previous evenings festivities) buttocks. So the punishment was multi-fold, the anticipation of parental punishment that night, the pain thereof, the anticipation of further punishment in the morning, and the two-fold punishment of not only the pain of the paddling but the humiliation of having it applied before your friends and classmates.

    And this was in a NYC public grammar school. I’m told the Catholics were sterner.

    1. True. Which is why I’m a supporter of mandatory corporal punishment in the schools. The big problem is to ensure that the kids are caned at the direction of a responsible adult, not the hysterical ninnies that plague American schools.

  3. I tend toward the Singapore solution. ALL felonies and many misdemeanors get the culprit caned. Prison after, but the lash NOW.

    Although I would make canings public. Very public, with annual attendance required of all middle and high school students.

  4. Kim, you might be getting an unbalanced view of Britain by reading The Daily Hate, might be an idea to try The Times instead. Otherwise I agree that Corporal Punishment might well be a very good idea.

    1. The Times makes me even more irritated. Ever since The Dirty Digger took them over, it’s been a gradual shift leftward.

  5. Deportation? Push them off onto a pier at Hodeidah, let them enjoy the benefits of a less-repressive society.

  6. Oh, yeah, bring on the corporal punishment. As a father, I can tell you that you have to figure out what your kid values and use that as leverage — each child is different, and these hooligans are little more more than brats in adult bodies. These criminals have no respect for other people, so we should have no respect for them. Because they value pride and “face” (since they have little other reason for self worth), make the flogging public with lots of spectators!

    The other thing I learned is to ignore the modern “proportional consequences” nonsense — that just teaches your kid or the hoodlum in the criminal “justice” system to gamble and escalate. Make the consequences FAR out of proportion to the bad behavior, and the bad behavior won’t happen again.

    We also need male societies/organizations to “re-socialize” these hoodlums (the few who are amenable to treatment). The gummint can’t do it. It takes men to civilize boys into men, or civilize criminals into citizens, but the historic male civic and religious organizations have been neutered or relegated into obscurity by the modern government. C’est la vie, but I ain’t happy with the situation.

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