1. I liked the story in general, since it references a town in England that may be the origin of my ancestors, Wickham.

  2. I must have missed the announcement that high-waisted pants were back in fashion. That leads to some awful camel-toe.

    1. Yikes. Imagine climbing all the way up the tower, and finding THAT at the end.
      I’m thinking, “let go, and fall”.

  3. Those are some funny looking people, is it just me or do most of them look like first cousins? Of course we have a lot of funny people places here in the USA too, it has been a whole lot of years but the Oklahoma State Fair used to draw in lots of well fed interesting people, probably the only change there is more tattoos.

  4. I think he shouldn’t smoke cigarettes.
    But they are his lungs, so I won’t tell him to quit.

    And I think he could cut-back on the make-up. I think that sort of thing reduces his attractiveness.

    And he could consider eliminating some carbs from his diet. Is that his real schnokker?

  5. Who knew gypos were so enamored of blue jeans, torn ones at that?! Back when I was a wee lad the ladies still had the traditional 15 frocks below, white vest tops and kerchiefs over their head if married, no kerchief if single, and watch yer wallet and baubles…. (I am sure the latter has not changed).

    1. don’t know ’bout you, but I keep my hand on my baubles; the hell with the wallet

  6. Woman with spilling midriff, a ripped, fraying denim skirt, and hair askew, and the caption reads, “…including these women who dressed up for the occasion”.

    Ye Gods, Kim, what do they wear when they aren’t in high society?!

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