Panic? Nazzo Fast, Guido

So… according to “Science”, a million species are going to become extinct in the next x years, Unless We Do Something About It.

There’s a word that describes sweeping statements like this.  What is it?  Ummm, nearly there, tip o’ my tongue… oh, that’s right:  it’s bullshit.  Let’s look at some of the numbers, courtesy of Mr. Jack Hellner:

Faunalytics, a group that helps save endangered animals, has only 3,000 animals on its endangered species list, so there’s reason to ask questions. Start with this: where does the one million number come from?
The public has repeatedly been told that humans are causing thousands of animals to go extinct each year, yet a study by National Autonomous University of Mexico in 2015 found only 477 identified species that have gone extinct since 1900, or around four per year.

There’s a lot more at the link;  go and see some even greater lies.

Here’s the takeaway, though:  every time — I mean every single time — that some organization starts screaming hysterically that We’re All Gonna DIIIIEEEEEE!!! Unless We Do Something NOW ! (and usually that “something” will be against our best interests, by the way), we should pull out our whips (both literal and metaphorical) and start beating these assholes like a dirty carpet.

And if those doomsayers are from any U.N.-related organizations, we should substitute spiked clubs* for whips.

*Waddya mean, you don’t have a spiked club?  Sheesh, do I have to do everything around here?



    The spikes should be arranged in 2 counter rotating spirals down the shaft.
    That way, every hit will cause numerous penetrations, swinging forward and backward. As is, there are (4?) “flat spots” where penetrations are improbable.

    1. Not just that, but spirals also reduce the chances of the wood splitting. Don’t ask me how I know this.

  2. It’s all been going downhill since the proliferation of SUVs caused the trilobites, then the dinosaurs, to go extinct.

    1. And don’t forget the Bush/Haliburton time machine CO2 pump that caused all that CO2 in the primordial atmosphere that kicked the planet out of the ice age that was its perfect state!

  3. According to ‘Science!’ they cannot tell me how many different species there are RIGHT NOW, so how can they know that 1-million (or 1-hundred or 1-thousand, or 1-billion) species will be extinct in x-years?

    1. same way they can predict that everything on the planet will die because the temperature goes up 2 degrees in a thousand years but can’t predict even within 10 degrees what the weather will do tomorrow (and can’t understand that their own prediction will mean that life will end tomorrow from that temperature change if they’re correct).

  4. Methinks a good old Louisville Slugger in the 36-40 oz range would be more than sufficient in it’s unadorned form. And much easier to clean after doing the (several) deeds. And thus avoiding ‘The Look’ from one’s significant other when you bring the (likely stinky) implement of destruction into the house. Barbed wire and spikes? Just adding insult to injury and once they’re dead, who cares? They don’t, they’re dead.

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