Somebody explain to me why we should ever — ever — trust the fucking FBI again, when they get involved in this kind of bullshit, trying to entrap a U.S. citizen into committing several federal crimes.

When did they do this?  In 2017:  after Donald Trump’s inauguration as POTUS.

And under whose auspices did they do this?  Why, those of Special Counsel Robert Mueller and DOJ prosecutor Andrew Weissmann, of course.

Why  did they do this?  All in the cause of trying to bring down President Donald Trump and overturn the fully-legal election result of 2016.

So to repeat myself:  somebody explain to me why we should ever — ever — trust the fucking FBI again.  With anything.


  1. This from an agency that was run for many years by a director who kept blackmail files on politicians and public figures and had a male “companion” (as he was called in the media of the day). Nothing new here.

  2. Going back to the early days of J. Edger the FBI was always kind of squirrely with some effective field agents who were pushed aside if they got to much good press because that was reserved for Hoover. J. Edger wired tapped all sort of politicians and kept score, using trash when necessary to further his idea of what America should be. I used to have a next door neighbor in the late 1970’s who was an FBI field agent hired during Hoover’s time and by 1980 he had his fill of the continuing politics and became a private eye making rather good money. He like the law officer part of the job but the politics drove him nuts.

    Same with FBI agent Danny Coulson who wrote the book “No Heroes” who said there were field agents and political assholes who made their way up the ladder climbing over each other, making sure they never made a decision that could come back on them, always ready to pass the blame on to others. While I am under the opinion that some of the folks in the FBI have done some good work it seems as if post 9-11 they are dedicated to being a culture of shit-weasels, hiring more like left leaning bastards like themselves.

  3. You mean the FBI that tried to entrap Richard Jewell for the Olympic bombing? The FBI that told General Flynn he didn’t need a lawyer? The FBI that let a guy get murdered to protect an informant in Whitey Bulger’s gang? The FBI that shot Vicki Weaver? The FBI that got Scooter Libby sent to prison for perjury when they knew Armitage was the leaker?

    You’re going to need someone smarter than I am to come up with a reason why you should even talk to them. There is no reason to ever trust them.

    1. Let’s not forget the FBI cleaning up the ATF’s fuckup at Waco.

      And then there’s the thing that in the days of stupid-cheap mass storage, the FBI insists on the Form 302, which is the agent’s “recollection” of an interview.

  4. The comments so far seem to be saying the same thing I would say – why would you ever trust the FBI in the first place.

    They, like most cops, are by nature statists, bureaucrats and civil servants, DMV counter personnel with guns.

  5. Toss Judicial Watch some dollars. Some of the background material coming out is as a result of their FOIA requests/demands.
    I was wondering if we were ever going to see the end of political rope-a-dope. I now think so. The next year is going to be interesting – there are consequences if you not only don’t respect the man, but additionally don’t respect the office.

  6. I do find it humorous that many of the Boomer politicians that have been singing the praises of the integrity of the FBI because “Orange Man Bad!” were the same ones condemning it back in the 60’s and 70’s for COINTELPRO, wiretapping their secular saints, etc.

  7. Other than the FBI agents I saw at the parent reunification center in Highlands Ranch last week, I can’t recall the last time I had a positive thing to say about the FBI.

    1. My cousin’s son is an agent. He didn’t shoot anyone at our last family picnic. I’m fair.

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