Quote Of The Day

From Steve Sailer:

The most glaringly obvious way to improve our schools is to improve their students via smarter immigration policy.

And if one studies the most recent international PISA scores, the obvious recruiting grounds for smarter school-age children are the countries at the top of the chart.

Whether we want a whole bunch of Yellow kids (see the graph before exploding) is a question for another time;  but it sure as hell beats bringing in kids from Africa and South America, as we are.

That is, assuming we want our schools to improve.


  1. The public schools are doing exactly what the gov’t wants them to do – program children to become nothing more than 2 legged vegetation that are emotional basket cases easily herded by the merest suggestions or hints. nervous nilly’s

  2. I was under the impression that schools existed to improve the student’s knowledge and reasoning capabilities. At least in an ideal world that would be true. That they manifestly exist to do the opposite is no longer a controversial claim.
    If by “improve the schools” you mean “improve test scores” then you have set a goal that has the problem exactly backwards. Smarter kids give you better test scores. Smarter kids, in this aggregate context, is driven by demographics, i.e. biology and genetics, not school quality.
    Consider the possibility that our schools may already be, in fact, superior to Singapore and Norway, but that our raw material is not.
    Consider the possibility that PISA is a measure of average population intelligence and all that implies, rather than a measure of “school quality” at all.

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