Bloodhound Gang

I’d never heard of this band before (unsurprisingly, as I regard rap as somewhere below anthrax), but I love  their song titles and lyrics.  I mean, who can resist stuff like this:

A Lapdance is So Much Better When the Stripper Is Crying
I Wish I Was Queer So I Could Get Chicks

Besides, tell me you can argue with this statement:  “Stephen King was a better writer when he drank.”

True dat.

The best thing I can say about Bloodhound Gang is that if I were forty years younger, I’d be doing this — not in rap, of course, because I would want to play actual, you know, music — as long as I could find a like-minded bunch of musical anarchists to accompany me.

And try as I may, I cannot think of a better motto for a band than


Fuckin’ A.


  1. Of course, probably their most well known song contains the immortal lyrics:

    “You and me baby ain’t nothin’ but mammals/So let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel.”

    And who can argue with an album titled “Hooray for Boobies”

    1. Women are like dog doo
      Hear me out don’t interrupt
      It’s just the older that they get
      The easier they are to pick up

  2. Like a DC-10 guaranteed to go down,
    But baby your black box is the one that I found.

    1. She grabbed me by the ears and said ‘kiss me where it smells funny!’

  3. Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo…. Classic. Godson had that played at his wedding – he’s a NG Arty officer from Eastern PA. Good kid….. knows the classics…

    They never really got a concrete following over here, but the Eastern Euro kids love them to death.

  4. Since they were from the Philly area even when they were pretty popular you could still occasionally catch them playing bar gigs at some larger venues around eastern PA. The one show I went to was an all ages show and if you wanted to drink you had to go to the upper level, but since they were generally huge with younger kids and not many older people knew about them there weren’t many people up there. That was okay with my buddy (who is a Fort Worth resident these days) and I since the Jäger girls had nothing better to do than feed us free shots and give us promo items so they could prove to their boss they were busy, and we ended up hanging out with the girlfriends and some parents of band members! Nice bunch of people. Great live show too…the flamethrower bass was pretty impressive.

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