RFI: Chickblogs

New Wife asked me to point her towards blogs written by women that are not all political, not about guns, and which chat about everyday life (but not mommyblogs, because she’s not interested in hearing about kiddies and/or recipes).  She already goes to ol’ C.W.’s place (which she loves) and Knuckledragger (because he makes her giggle), and also visits Brigid (for the recipes) and Sarah (because Sarah).

In other words:  general interest blogs, updated daily, written by women.

Anyone have any ideas?


  1. Chicken Feathers (from wirecutter’s links). I miss The Lonely Libertarian greatly but I haven’t checked in a while. Maybe she’ll be back someday soon, I hope.

  2. sweasel.com is one I read daily. She’s an expat living in Britishland. Fun read. A friend of mine writes at dagoddess.com Just musings about life its ownself.

  3. “Neo-neocon” is the blogger Jean Kaufman at http://www.thenewneo.com, a smart witty woman who blogs a lot of political stuff, mixed in with music, dance and interesting, strange off the wall topics.

  4. I’ll take the risk of posting a possible. Sandra Tayler, the wife of Schlock Mercenary’s creator, Howard Tayler, has a blog. It is not daily, it doesn’t get into politics often that I’ve noticed (unlike Howard, who broke my heart when he went full harsh Trump-hater). But she writes beautifully, and has published a number of kids books.


    1. I don’t even know if she’s still alive. Completely disappeared, and emails are returned.

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