Different Solution

I spoke last week about one solution to this problem (i.e., throwing the filthy scum off Waterloo Bridge).  However, as a couple of observant Readers told me, there’s a problem:  shit floats, and so there won’t be an adequate mortality rate.

So let’s ratchet the thing up a tad, shall we?  And will anyone be surprised that my next solution to the scum-in-the-streets issue comes from yesteryear?  Oh yes, it does:

It’s called the Sherman “Crab”, from WWII, and here’s what it looks like in action:

Imagine a few of these bad boys employed against this lot:

Try not to giggle like a little girl.

Next week, we’ll be looking at the Angry Bee Solution (developed by Your Humble Host).


  1. Sorry, Kim, but you’re thinking of what a great nation would do, like Great Britain. But when was the last time that nation was GREAT? It shouldn’t matter that MPs are on holiday. But police are standing around being ever-so-helpful, and the citizens aren’t pushing their cars through intersections because those very same MPs have eagerly neutered their subjects, and those subjects have been browbeaten down into compliance.

    The yoga party is just getting started. The Great Britain party is over.

  2. Too late, I giggled like a girl. That definitely has some potential for crowd control. Wish they could give that a try in Portland. Or anywhere Antifa, Occupy or BLM were stationed.

  3. With the added bonus of a .30 cal. and a .50 cal. machine gun, and a 75mm cannon just for fun.

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