Not Sustainable

Apparently, there was a new thing at Coachella this year, whereby young sluts whores women walked around with only glitter to cover their superstructure:


I note that among this be-glittered set, there was a certain (shall we say) volumetric uniformity  amongst them.  Ditto age, whereby Mother Nature and Father Gravity have not yet exerted their joint influence upon such superstructures.

Which is why this fad can only be temporary.  Imagine the tonnage of glitter required for someone not similarly structured

Nope… this fad won’t last.  You heard it here first.


  1. Ah, Coachella. Where marginal “music” acts perform while the rich and famous make sure they’re seen listening to the “right” people, just before they take flaming assloads of drugs and screw random people at the right party.

    Those women are putting their wares on display. You needn’t cross off any descriptives, because whores and sluts just about cover the gamut. I’m willing to bet that along side the unlicensed pharmaceuticals being consumed, legal ones such as Viagra and Valtrex are in hot demand. Especially the Valtrex.

    All this to say I wouldn’t dip my wick into any of those women, as I dislike a burning sensation when I pee, and there are some things that they can’t banish with antibiotics.

  2. It’s not sustainable, but eye-catching while it lasts. I’m not sure it’s any different than rhinestone bikini tops, but without a chance of falling out of them, though.

  3. How much glitter to “clothe” TrainSmashWomen?
    Should we call our brokers with a “Buy” order?

    1. You’re a sick man, Mr. Askeptic (if that is your real name).

      But it’s not an unsound investment choice.

    1. You are an evil, evil man. Now where the F did I put that case of brain bleach…?

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