News Roundup

Wherein I summarize the news of the recent past.  (Warning:  I’m in an irreverent mood today…)

1) TV presenter gives up booze — and becomes the world’s most boring woman.  (Caution:  link contains Piers Morgan.)

2) Gang-rape victim reports crime, gets raped again by a cop — guess it just wasn’t her day, was it?  (Come on:  it happened in Pakistan, that bastion of civilization where all women are revered.)

3) Dallas gang beats up trannie — guess the race of the attackers… nope, ’twasn’t Muzzies; not this time, anyway.

4) Notre Dame Cathedral destroyed by fire — I guess the BVM was busy doing something else at the time, huh?  (I warned ya.)

5) Rich farts in CT can’t sell their houses at inflated prices — ‘cos all the would-be buyers have fled to low-tax states already.

6) Naked stabber killed by security guard — wait, McDonald’s has security guards now?  Oh yeah… southern California.  Never mind.  And finally, from the Department of Good News:

7) Hollywood sees revenues plummet — see pic above.


  1. So what’s the problem with beating tranny’s?

    I wouldn’t touch it with my bare hands, nor would I get close enough that anything could get on me.

    1. What’s the problem with beating people who are gay?

      What’s the problem with beating people who are moslems?

      What’s the problem with beating people who are Mormons?

      What’s the problem with burning down the houses of people who don’t think like us?

      1. I’m trying to find an objection to what you’ve just said, and when I look around at the degeneracy around us I’m afraid I’ve come to the conclusion that our problems are because we didn’t make those people unwelcome in our society.

        Let them be among their own kind. Don’t force them on us.

  2. Notre Dame. The fire fills me with sorrow and anger.

    The tranny tho! People defending it. What, he went so far into hormone therapy he couldn’t remember how to defend himself? And not one person commented about race of attackers or the tranny. “If it were Whites…” is already banal and moot protest.

  3. re:

    According to TheMainstreamMeadia, the latest alleged attacker of the lady is a Law Enforcement Official claiming the rank of ‘assistant sub-inspector’.

    That explains the decline of the Pakistani submariner fleet.

    Or the superiority of submissives in the Pakistani BDSM ‘community’.

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