If you like gorgeous photographs, look at these.  My favorite is this one: it’s a detail, not the full thing (which wouldn’t have fitted on the page).

The last time I saw lighting like that, it was in a Rembrandt painting.  The photographer is Chris Fletcher, who apparently first picked up a camera in 2011.  (I’m not an envious type by nature, but there are limits…)

Picking My Spot

As promised yesterday, here’s my choice of WitSec relocation:

Traverse City, MI

  • Close to a large body of water
  • Small town but not a small-town mentality
  • Interesting downtown with lots of eclectic stores and restaurants
  • Quite a cosmopolitan population, for a small Midwest town
  •  Four proper seasons — warm summers, cold-but-not-frigid winters with lots of snow, and glorious spring / fall weather
  • Decent gun laws, and more importantly, local county sheriffs who have the right ideas about the Second Amendment
  • Nice airport, with short hops to Chicago (for dinners, shows etc.)
  • Short drive over to Canada, where I can buy cheap prescription drugs / drink coffee at Tim Horton’s

All that said, I was last there several years ago, so if any of you are locals / near-locals, feel free to educate me if the place is going / has gone down the shitter.

Trick Question

Here’s a report about a bunch of asshole rapists.

Now, before clicking on the link, guess the ethnicity (and probable religion) of the scum in question.  (Hint:  the headline reads, “Nine-strong Bradford sex abuse gang face years in jail for grooming and raping two 14-year-old girls ‘to satisfy their sexual desires’ “  )

If you guessed (following the “Bradford” clue) that they were all of Pakistani origin (and ergo Muslim), you’d be wrong.  (I warned  you this was a trick question.)

They weren’t all  Pakis;  only eight of the nine rapists were.

Teach you to jump to conclusions.


As I get older and older, and the promise threat of assisted living gets to be ever-more imminent, I think this guy may be onto something:

A Texas man says he has no intention of checking into a nursing home during his golden years and is planning on moving into a Holiday Inn instead.  Terry Robison, 64, who is listed as a producer/director at Scarlet Tye Films, shared his novel thought about retirement in a now viral Facebook post.  “No nursing home for us. We’ll be checking into a Holiday Inn!” he begins, a referring to himself and wife Renee Wilson Robison, both of Spring, Texas.

I’ve often wondered about that option, myself.

My only prerequisites are a decent neighborhood (i.e. close to a decent pub and/or restaurant), proximity to a shooting range, and protected parking.  Oh, and a fast fiber-optic hookup.

Your thoughts in Comments?