AAR: Ruger PC-9 Carbine (9mm)

Some feedback from this post, wherein Reader Brad_In_IL solved his “What pistol-caliber carbine to buy?” problem:

Brad writes:  “Indoor.  Off hand.  50 feet.  Need to get a sling.  First shot was the head shot.  The other 24 were insurance.”

Amen.  Adding a well-adjusted sling to the mix would have resulted in a single palm-sized (or smaller) hole for the 24 insurance shots.


  1. I’ve got a Beretta CX-4 storm that shares magazines with my Beretta 92FS.

    With a RDS I can get similar results at 75 feet.

    Needs a better trigger though.

  2. Re the sling: I absolutely love my Magpul RLS (rifleman loop sling, IIRC). Adjust it to length for a hasty sling and place the loop at the right place for a loop sling. No more detaching the back like on a USGI sling. I’d been noodling on how to do something like this, and voila! Magpul sells it for less than I could probably source parts.

    I need to order some more of those.

  3. Want.

    Is it really as good as it looks?

    I’ve been looking for something like this for a while. Have considered all sorts of Henry carbines, and their AR-7, and others that enabling sharing across long gun and hand gun platforms.

    I’m not ready to buy yet, but I’m still looking for solid reviews in the europellet and .22 realms. I already have a .45 ACP in hand-cannon form (S&W M1917), along with the S&W snubbie .38+p and a 9mm semi Beretta APX (yeah, yeah), but for the bug-out bag, I’m searching for something in a more readily available calibre that’s lighter to haul but still provides dinner and self protection.

  4. I started early with a Marlin .45 Camp Carbine, which I love. But the lure of cheap europellets continues…

    1. @Duo – speaking of cheap fodder . . . got an email the other day. I think it was Palmetto State, but after rebate some (brass cased) 115gr 9mm was about $150 a thousand. My guess is that’s about as low as it can go. I recently bought a thou for about $160.

      As for feeding my carbine . . . it ran fine with 10-round, 17-round and with 33-round mags. Since the 33-rounder was an aftermarket (Ruger doesn’t make a factory mag that size), I only stuffed 25 into the thing.

      1. Palmetto won’t ship ammo or AR15 parts and accessories to crook county addresses. I saw those deals, and also the $50 nitrided BCGs… sigh…

        I’m considering a Mech Tech CCU in 9mm. Depends on the frame I decide doesn’t need to be a pistol any more. While they may be a bit clunky compared to a purpose built carbine, they work extremely well, and the one I have had for years provided a 10mm carbine long before other options were available.

      2. BTW, iron sights or optics? Which optic? I have a cheap TruGlo red-dot on the 10mm right now but I’ve picked up a few better ones since that went on.

        1. @Duo . . .
          Optics, definitely optics. I have 50-something year old shitty eyes, astigmatism, need progressive trifocals, etc. Nikon. P-223 3x (fixed power) carbine scope. From Optics Planet.
          I hear/feel your pain about Crook County. My legal address is Deerfield. Harriet Rosenthal, Julie Morrison, Bob Morgan can all kiss my pasty white ass. Their proposed AWB (SB0107) is better off as toilet paper.
          Palmetto State – I feel you. They won’t ship hardly anything to Deerfield.
          As for Crook county . . . if your schedule/location permits, venture up to Lake County where I run a shooting group on “Meetup” .. here’s the link to my events page.

          1. I actually follow your meet up group, just haven’t sent in a join request because I haven’t made time to take a pic that the site requires to join.

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