1. My first thought was, “1911!”. My second thought was, “It’s cocked and the safety is off.” So the odd holster was my third thought.

  2. Not only an ugly holster, but an old fashioned pistol. she could at least get herself a
    Hi Power and look a little more modern.

    1. “She could at least get herself a Hi Power and look a little more modern.”

      I thought you were about to say “get herself a Glock…” and was all set to chastise you.
      And bravo, by the way, for referring to a 1935-designed gun as “a little more modern”.

      1. P 35 as being ‘modern’? Well it is if you consider that it’s operating system as being designed in the mid 1920’s by John Moses himself is still being used today. Now almost 100 years old and ole Johns design has not been surpassed. The ‘modern’ Sig 229 I carry around with me every day uses Johns locking system too, along with almost every other semi auto recoil operated pistol in use today.
        JMB’s operating system is about 20 years older than me and I wish MY operating systems worked as well.

      2. Hey, I like me some Hi-Power. Even though it does the euroweenie pellet. How come there’s no .45 Hi-Power? The perfect pistol. Point me at one and take my money.

        And any thoughts about becoming a US wildebeest meat distributor? They seem to have lots of them over there. Ordering from Old Blighty is bloody expensive… Any contacts in Seth Efrika?

  3. My first thought was, “That’s a 1968 Cougar Eliminator!”
    That gun will get some side boob every time.

    1. “My first thought was”…

      Same page as you, just couldn’t get beyond the first word or two. Rotating the monitor to get a better view was a bust. Bright & shiny red cars are a distraction. Nice gun rack and double uglee holster. 1911 continues to give me warm & fuzzies.

  4. That’s a real ugly holster and ghost sniper is right, she either needs a different angle on the holster or smaller boobs so, replace the damn holster.

  5. Due to the short torso, boobs, and “relatively” long arms, females tend to be better off using crossdraw holsters, or shoulder rigs. Exaggerated pelvis tilt (sometimes due to high heels) can also make holster choice difficult.
    Wow, is that an ugly holster!
    Is that a long slide 1911? The length of the holster outline seems excessive. That makes drawing even more of a problem. Females need short slide/barrel handguns for carry purposes.

  6. Bet she’s never touched that hawgleg, somebody strapped it on her for the pik. Dillon’s does that stuff all the time.

  7. Get your testosterone levels checked, and you’re pulse while you’re at it.

    You might be dead and not know it.

    (but yes, that holster is ugly although I do appreciate the attachmements on it)

  8. My first thought, how the F do you draw that quickly? Nice ta-ta’s, btw. Can’t argue with the choice of weaponry. God’s own pistol. And yes, that’s one fugly holster. Death to Kydex!!! Any sidearm worth it’s salt should be sheathed in leather.

    1. Daughter has one of those. Still fugly. I will never do Kydex. God’s own gun should be sheathed in leather. Full stop. I have a PA-63 with a kevlar holster. Good enough, but no.

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