Saw this pic (detail of #90 in the series) via one of Sarah’s posts.  It’s of a Mongolian prisoner circa 1913:

…and it got me thinking.  Why doesn’t this become standard prison attire for violent criminals in our system?  (I can think of only one improvement, and that’s to add a shackle to the ankle so that the scumbag can’t use the chain as a weapon.)  It would make prison breaks somewhat… problematic, shall we say;  and to transport a few convicts as a group simply requires the addition of another length of chain.

And please  tell me why the thought of a hundred or so MS-13 or Crips gang members thus attired in San Quentin doesn’t give you the Warm & Fuzzies…


  1. Stake the other end to the ground, or, if they’ve got good behavior, to an overhead cable.

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