News Recap

…in which I summarize snippets of news that I couldn’t be bothered to spend more time over.

  1. Disney Corporation reinstates some director I’ve never heard of to make a movie I’m never going to see — yeah, whatever.  Falling tree, meet forest.
  2. Gummint assholes make a guy park somewhere else and try to destroy his business because his bumper sticker hurt their feewings — actually, his bumper sticker (Black Rifles Matter) simultaneously satirizes an anarcho-racist movement and makes a pro-Constitutional freedom statement.  Anyone know where I can get one?
  3. Piers Morgan talks a load of bullshit (again) — I know, not really news.  [totally unnecessary warning:  link contains Piers Morgan]
  4. Chelsea Clinton accused of  helping incite New Zealand massacre — you couldn’t cut irony this thick with a chainsaw.
  5. Senator Elizabeth Warren (1/1024 part-Cherokee) has no sympathy for parents who attempted to corrupt the college admissions process — where can I get my chainsaw sharpened?
  6. The French are revolting (again) — there’s only one answer to all this for granny-grabbing FrogPM Macron:  ban the weekend!  And finally:
  7. Kids skip classes (but for a “good cause”) — creates two (largely rhetorical) questions:  1) given how totally shit the public school system is (regardless of country), was this absence actually a better thing for the kids? and 2) will this mass walkout actually achieve anything concrete in affecting “climate change”?  (All those who attempted to answer “yes” to the latter question, put on the Dunce cap and go stand in the corner.)

Cartoon of the week (via Insty, thence Power Line):

Think of it as visual evidence of this thesis.


  1. 1. No comment, I threw the Disney assholes under the bus decades ago.
    2. The 2 shitstains should be brought up on charges and fired from all gov’t employment.
    3. Know little about this cuck and take offense with any reference to it.
    4. It appears to be just more retarded rantings by unsupervised children.
    5. Unqualified negro’s have been promoted to the head of the line for decades.
    6. Not much interested in what goes on “over there”.
    7. The real learning starts when you leave the gov’t prisons.

  2. I presume you’ve heard that NZ is going to ban ALL semi-autos in the wake of Christchurch?

    And it appears Australia is going to ban ALL lever actions in sympathy.

    1. I guess it’s going to be down to Molotov cocktails for the next go ’round, then. Try banning those, ya putzs.

  3. re:
    Couldn’t Be Bothered Number Two

    “Black Panties Matter”

    If black lifes bees matters, why bees blacks bees killing so many blacks? [Rhetorical, intended as thought-provoking, answer not required.]

    Matter, a semi-solid form of energy? I ask because I’m interested in understanding so much much more about our wonderous universe.

    “Matter Matters”
    But hopefully not because energy is racest. Ha! A little joke about protons… get it? It’s a gift, I’m tellin’ ya, a gift.

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