Not Quite, Amir

In the wake of the mass killings in New Zealand, boxer Amir Khan made this statement:

“Islamophobia kills and has no place in the world.”

Without in any way downplaying the tragedy in Christchurch or diminishing the horror that this asshole inflicted on his victims, let’s at least acknowledge that in the ledger of religion-inspired killings over the past half-century, Islam (or Islamophilia) has caused untold more deaths than Islamophobia (cf. around 3,000  on 9/11, to mention but a single incident).

Once again, I’m not trying to excuse the Australian terrorist’s wickedness — I think he should be boiled alive in oil — but let’s keep the proper perspective on this incident.

And one last thing:  Islamophobia is not endemic, but a reaction  against Islam’s perceived excesses (ISIS, 9/11, 10/10, Manchester bombing, etc.)

Islam’s enmity towards non-Muslims, however, is very much an integral part of their faith.  That  is irrefutable.


  1. Not just towards non-Muslims. When I first heard of this, before they identified the scum, I wondered if it could be an attack by Muslims of a different sect (i.e. Shiite attacking Sunni mosques/Sunni attacking Shiite). For a while that kind of “green on green” attack was endemic in Iraq and occasionally in Pakistan. (might still be but not being reported).

    As Mostly Cajun often notes, when they don’t have non-Muslims to kill, Islamic fanatics are quite happy to kill each other.

    And point of order to the left: I am not Islamophobic. Phobic means fear of. What I have is not fear, it is contempt. Get it right.

  2. Not phobic. But they are winning here in the west.

    I always maintained we where on the wrong side in Bosnia. But the clinton’s are dhimini so there is that.

  3. Wouldn’t surprise me if this guy turns out to have been a muslim of a different cult…
    Or a leftist pulling a false flag operation in order to stir up sentiment against “the alt right”, meaning everything who’s not a far left radical.

  4. That nitwit hasn’t the mental capacity to even understand the word he is trying to use as a pussy padded cudgel. Fear is not the same as detestable. Someone should explain that to him and suggest he stop parroting other nitwits.

  5. Read “Sword and Scimitar” by Raymond Ibrahim.

    The argument can easily by made by those who know the history of Islam that “Islam kills and has no place in the civilized world.”

    To quote Samuel P. Huntington, “Islam has bloody borders.” And it always has.

    Historically, the only thing that has stopped Muslims from killing non-Muslims is stronger armies of non-Muslims, and the willingness to use that armed force.

    Western Christendom has been losing that will for decades, if not centuries. The Spanish in the 16th century and the Russians in the 19th were the last to have the necessary will to actually drive Muslims out of recaptured formerly Christian lands.

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